somehow i have a higher tendency to shop when ben is overseas…

but hey! i got a really good deal on these heels i reckon! (i actually typed a good heel on these deals)

i hardly ever buy things on sprees, so i thought i’d give it a go for the heck of it! haha!

afterall, a girl can’t have too many pairs of shoes… it’s never enough!

Picture 1Picture 2

this one is S$35

the spree closes on Thursday, so there’s still time if you girls wanna grab something :


and then i found these absolutely adorable open toe oxford booties!opentoedbotties

i ordered these in beige since i already ordered the other in black… if it fits well and is comfy for my flat feet i might actually consider getting more colors!

afterall, this pair was only S$27! its a great deal!

this spree ends TONIGHT at 9pm, so go check it out if interested! :)


i’m blogging while having my double cheeseburger from mac’s


2 Replies to “SHOE SHOPPING!”

  1. zomg! i like the oxford booties! and i miss the spree!!!! pls announce it here when the spree is open again!! heehee! update on its comfort k?! :P

    1. hmmmm it does state that the spree was to close yesterday but i just checked and it still says OPEN! you might want to try your luck placing an order, cos i don’t know if they’re gonna list those booties in their future sprees… for $27, i won’t give up the chance! :)

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