too cute for words..


it’s now 215am, i know i’m nuts to still be sewing at this time but ben’s spinning at OBAR right now and i have to keep myself occupied!

i just finished the camera one, did the onigiri one while i was watching harry potter on channel 5!

(see the pink cheeks i gave my onigiri? that’s real blusher!)

anyway, these are both card cases! they’ll fit a ton of cards or an ipod nano, or most music players i guess?

i must be getting readdicted to sewing, it’s fun and although getting the measurements right and cutting out individual shape templates for each design can be quite tedious… i look at the final product and feel it’s well worth it! :)

i feel quite satisfied now so i’ll probably get ready for bed… ben doesn’t get off work till 4am! and i bet he’s gonna have supper before he even goes home. more like breakfast really.

ps : the card cases are for sale, i just haven’t priced them yet… tomorrow! maybe. my brain is just shutting down very rapidly right now.

goodnight all! have a great sunday ahead! :)


2 Replies to “too cute for words..”

  1. Those are so adorable and they look like they are very fun to make!!! I am addicting to sewing also!!

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