tickle my fancy – updated 12/7

IMG_5705 IMG_5700

left : dior earrings S$18 – QTY 1

right : pretty magpies S$16 – QTY 1


left : magpie pearl studs S$16 – QTY 1

these are so pretty, you’ll see e wearing them in The Closet Lover’s Collection 17!

follow me gold birdie bangle S$22 – QTY 2

if you’re a tweet-addict like me, these are the ones for you :)

IMG_5742 IMG_5746

half pearl peace bracelet S$26 – QTY 1

a lock charm, a crystal laced peace symbol and a dove with “COACH” stamped on it dangle from this half pearl beauty!


left : pearly branches S$18 – QTY 1

this very elegant and sophisticated piece will take you from office to date to mall!

right : dollhouse earrings S$18 – QTY 1

perfect for weekend fun!


going to the country… S$25 – QTY 1

you can wear these 2 necklaces together or seperately. you get 2 for the price of 1!

shorter chain measures 24.5 inches, longer chain measures 32.5 inches

IMG_5747 IMG_5765

left : the key to my heart S$25

a dior heart locket charm, crystal laced key and a faux pearl, double bracelet of silver chain and crystals…

right : dior hoops S$11 – QTY 2

…simple hoop earrings with a little dior love at the ends!

IMG_5760 IMG_5604

left : chanel crystal logo diamente bracelet S$25 – QTY 1

same chain combi as the dior piece above, this one is topped with a tiny chanel logo that measures approx 1.2cm across.

simple enough for everyday wear yet exquisite enough for dinner dates and cocktail parties!

right : chanel half pearl bracelet (pink) S$25 – LAST TWO PIECES

(please indicate how long you need the bracelet to be when ordering)

pinkpearlribbon bluepearlribbon

ribbon and pearls bracelet S$25 each

pink – QTY 1 / blue – QTY 1


left : a dove for peace – S$22 chain is 18 inches long – QTY 1

i love this piece! the peace sign is full of bling and the little dove has “COACH” stamped on it

right : chanel logo necklace S$22 – QTY 1

16 inch chain

IMG_5666 IMG_5660

above : pandora’s box S$25 – QTY 1

this bracelet is way adorable! it might look like just a “cube” but it actually opens up! closes with a “latch” and there’s an itsy bitsy tiny brass tag inside with “Love” stamped onto it…

this is one piece not to be missed!

IMG_5695 IMG_5597

left : boombox + headphones necklace S$25 – QTY 2

26 inch chain

right : life of luxury charm bracelet $26 – QTY 1

charms from left : car, crown, coin, a perfume bottle and a ring!


to order, please leave a comment with a list of the items you want to purchase.

please remember to include your email address so i can contact you!


5 Replies to “tickle my fancy – updated 12/7”

  1. the key to my heart S$25 – QTY 1

    a dior heart locket charm, crystal laced key and a faux pearl, double bracelet of silver chain and crystals…

    chanel half pearl bracelet (pink) S$25 – available

    hurry while remakes last!

    interested in both! joann_tan10@hotmail.com :D

  2. Hello,

    I am interested to purchase the chanel half pearl bracelet (pink) and chanel crystal logo diamente bracelet however the diamente bracelet is a gift for a friend and she has got small wrist, can I just check the length of the bracelet?

    and, will you be bringing in any stock for the bling Chanel logo silver bracelet?

    1. hello pam!
      the length of the crystal logo diamente bracelet is 7 inches including the toggle clasp.
      you can hook it on to the chain links, then the crystal layer will just dangle abit more.

      are you referring to the silver bangle in the coming soon post?
      that one is out of stock from the supplier. so i doubt there’ll be any more stock coming in…

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