in the garden…


i used this flower clip in TCL’s collection 18 shoot but we didn’t really get a really good shot of it, so i figured i’ll use it for collection 19’s shoot on monday since there’s this floral dress that would go really well with the clip…

so check back for that soon yes?

(okay maybe not so soon. like next week.)


a new bracelet i just made yesterday! :)

i think it’s uber pretty! great for weekends yet simple enough for weekdays in the office!

in the garden with butterflies S$24

length adjustable up to 7.2 inches


and while i was at it, i made a new necklace along the same line… more butterflies!

the secret butterfly $27

two butterflies, one silver and one brass. and two keys in both tones.

28 inch chain // this one is exclusive cos i only have one of the vintage brass key.


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