…coming soon – updated 3rd july

hey girls!

i’ll be putting up this lot of stuff TONIGHT, it will be a seperate post which i am putting together…


ps : the crystal logo bangle is out of stock already, so it will not be up for sale. sorry girls! :(

magpiestuds pigeonbanglepinkpearlribbon chanelhalfpearl chanelbangle bluepearlribbon

if you don’t want to miss these new additions, be sure to keep checking back over the next two weeks…

can you tell?

i’m going through a massive TWITTER & CHANEL craze.

cos you girls are influencing me! grrrrrrrrrr

ps : if you’re interested in any of these items, do let me know! cos there won’t be more than 2 pieces of any item that i’m bringing in.

UPDATED : 28th June 1pm

GIRLS! tell you what, if you are really interested in purchasing, please leave your name and which item you want to purchase. then when the stock actually arrives we’ll work on a “who can make payment first basis”. okay? there’ll be more stuff than just this… so, check back soon! hopefully i’ll get them by next week!


11 Replies to “…coming soon – updated 3rd july”

  1. i love the pearl chanel wan! so pretty! :D

    oh and will u be selling the chanel bracelet u wore in theclosetlover collection16? (: i reali love that one tooo!

    1. hey kim!
      too many people eyeing the same piece, so… these items will be on a first payment basis. i will launch all the items at one go, and you girls can take your picks then! :)

      don’t worry, i’ll give everyone sufficient warning as to when it will on sale :)

  2. Omg I think I want all that is featured on this post. hahaha. Lemme know when it’s released! I dun wanna miss out on them dear.

    Oh and I just got my stash of goodies from u. Loving it!!! I’m joining u in the Twitter & Chanel craze. Hahaha. :D

  3. can i request you to do a customised chanel necklace??? style same as the ‘i bleed for chanel’, but like a really long chain with just the big black chanel logo itself?

    am willing top top up more for any other extras!

    lemme know ya! :)

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