the stuff i did today! – updated 29/6


i don’t know about you but i’m sorta going crazy staring at this whole lot of stuff that’s sitting in front of me right now…

i did all this in one afternoon! actually… until now which would be about 1am.

so let’s see what’s in the lot! shall we?

1. two new chanel fix rings, one in hot pink + white and the other in black glitter + white

(both by remake only at $15 each)

2. the playful pandas ring, which if you realise is inspired by my doodle of “random pandas”! – reserved!

(the smaller panda is only 1.1cm tall! i kid you not!)

3. a simple houndstooth pendant necklace which will be a quirky accent to an outfit! – S$12

4. the “tweeet” ring which is a variation of “a psychedelic friend”. cos brianna wanted the TWITTER bird! remakes at S$12

5. another psychedelic mix of hot pink, black and a bright teal butterfly… are you ready for a psychedelic flight? – S$12

6. {SOLD} “will wait for love” scrabble ring. isn’t it just adorable? a perfect conversation starter if you ask me… wear it around your crush, he might get the hint and talk to you!

7. a fleur de lis bottlecap ring : this gold fleur de lis charm is set in a bed of what i would call “seafoam green” paint with a swirly effect! sold

as i have yet to price most of them… please holla if interested in any items before someone else beats you to it!

goodnight ya’ll! :)

lovesssss, jean

13 Replies to “the stuff i did today! – updated 29/6”

  1. Babe!

    I love your new stuff. Wanna get the hot pink chanel fix ring as well as the will wait for love ring :)


  2. Hi, is “will wait for love” scrabble ring available for remake? how much is it as well as the black Chanel ring?


    1. hello pamela!
      sorry! both pieces of “will wait for love” are taken already..
      there’ll be more such designs soon!
      the black chanel fix is $15. by remake only! :)

      1. Hello Jeanine,

        I’d like to purchase black chanel fix x1, you will send invoice to my mail?

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