experimental friday…

yesterday, amanda asked me if i could make the “i bleed for chanel” necklace (which i have been wearing in most of the photoshoots for The Closet Lover) smaller… like the size of a 10 cent coin. honestly, i thought it’d be impossible to get it that small… but i never say no until i try… and so i did…


and this is how it turned out…

success! it’s so tiny that it’s really really uber cute!

this one’s for you amanda! :)

want one too? drop me a mail or comment!

and, a couple days ago, Leonie showed me this…


and she asked if the pink peony headband i have could be made into a clip…




now that i look at the photos… it’s exactly the same flower, no?

and then today i was looking at some “high end” accessories online and found this crazy piece of PIXIE MARKET..

this one costs a whopping USD$98!


and guess what i came up with?


how’s that for weekend inspiration?

of course, this piece will be on sale, i just haven’t quite decided how much to sell it for… but if you wanna grab it real quick just drop me a note! :)



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