My 21st Birthday

So its the boy speaking here, as I’m here to blog about me birthday that just went by on 10th June. There was nothing really suspicious going on, and I expected it to be a really fun birthday party that goes by with no surprises or frills. Panda kept saying that her birthday present to me was just a body shop gift bag.

Early in the day, around noon, Panda took me out for lunch at Swensens. Funny its my birthday and I had to travel to Yishun to have my birthday lunch, but oh well, thats the most convenient for us. There and then, I got my Body Shop Birthday Gift Bag. The 1st surprise was inside the bag. Along with my repaired Ray Bans, was a brand new wallet, from Panda’s mum, together with an Ang Pow! That was interesting. So we had our lunch, nice ol’ Chicken In a Jacket. Panda had Fish & Chips as usual. And we had our usual dessert. Double Scoop Sundae!

So we headed to the post office and back home, where the preparations began. Then our good ol’ friend Cheryl came later to help us out. There was some intervals here and there, and the oh so unpleasant chinese music blasting from her iPod. But the help was still worth it and fun. So fast forward, the party began. The friends came in batches, 1st was my Godsis Mirabel, then Jiggy and Ecar, Neng and Vernice. Next up was the former altar servers, but before then, the big surprise had already come.

From out of the blue, Panda suddenly came out with 2 big wrapped gifts, saying, “I lied!” So the deal was, the week before, she had already planned the surprise gifts with my mum. Liased with andrew and everything, she went to buy my presents on the day I was in Vietnam. The next day when I came back, her plan was to sneak the presents into Andrew’s room or someone’s room b4 I came back. But because Andrew was sleeping, Panda could not get into the house to hide the presents, but somehow, I managed to walk pass it not noticing them. So her plan had worked! So I opened the presents and 1st it was the Belkin Laptop Cooling Hub with 4 extra USB ports! I was kinda saying “I could use this” when we were out at Sarah Hoe’s shop buying Panda’s Laptop Cooling Fan. 2nd thing was something I really needed and wanted, a 500GB Lacie Rugged External Hard Disk with Firewire!!!!!! I was struck with such huge surprise that no reactions were worth it. I was too stunned to react. Thanks to all who contributed to my gifts, especially Panda. Cheeky ah she, payback after that surprise with the Bamboo Tablet I pulled on her.

So the party went on, the rest came. Yama came with Jasmine, James and Jamie, Melvin and Gail & Gerard. Then Nick Olsen came. The latecomers Don, Shaun. Jared, and Ben Lee. They weren’t the only ones who came. My eldest Uncle came with my Auntie and Grandchild Ryan. My mum’s RCIA friend, who is Jeanine’s Cousin, Kat with her other friend, and some of me Dad’s friends as well. I got some perculiar gifts, and one liver-killing gift from my Godbro Andrew Lee, Jim Beam bottle. Haha. I got a bottle of Red Wine though. I think its one of my Dad’s friend’s gifts. I got a Flashlight from Uncle Wong, hmmmm………. Must be for my NS. Then I got a tie from Godsis Mirabel. Haha. A couple of Ang Pows, and that tops of the gift list. Had a really great party, thx to my mum, dad and Panda. And it was only yesterday that I found out that the Party was originally planned to be a surprise, after discovering Panda’s email conversations with my mum which I didn’t know about! Lol. Really naughty, thats why I love you.:)

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