4 Replies to “The Closet Lover : Collection 14”

  1. hey jeanine!

    im a long time reader!! just wonder how did you lose all the weight that you used to have?! i wanna lose my weight but cant seem to do it all the time! any tips to share?!

    1. hello ada!
      gosh, you wouldn’t want to lose weight the way i did…
      few months back i had a really bad infection was sick for about a month with high fever and non-stop cough… during that time i lost about 4kg i think…
      and since then i haven’t put back much of the weight…

      so, don’t try!
      trust me, my boyfriend has been nagging at me being a stick and is constantly trying to make me fat!

  2. oh.. it must be really bad for you during that time! haha, you and ur bf make a very cute couple u know! ;)

    1. yup it was horrible!
      that was like a week or two after i got back from manila…
      must have caught something while i was there!

      heh glad to know who reads my blog! :)

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