can you do this with your tongue?

okay its me, jeanine!

i’m at ben’s, on his laptop and he’s in the shower… and i’m bored!

can you do this with your tongue? ben’s totally freaked out by this everytime i do it haha!

Photo 157

it’s just experimenting with controlling the different muscles in your tongue… i didn’t know i could actually form the “clover” until i tried it again today while ben was sleeping…

ah, the things you discover when you’re bored shitless.

and i somehow snapped more than 20 photos with photo booth! just saved them all in my thumb drive, i haven’t quite gone thru them actually… oh well, gonna head home soon. ben’s back from vietnam but going to home club for AC SLATER.

another day in the life of a DJ? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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