Gunnar Hero for PSP


gunnar hero on PSP

until now i still can’t seem to play the game without asking myself why i installed it in the first place…

it looks pretty interesting and is a homebrew version of guitar hero, but there’s really alot lacking in the game….


somehow it makes no difference whether you hit the notes or not, unlike guitar hero which puts you out of the game, it continues running through the whole song regardless. and you can’t select difficulty levels, it doesn’t reflect level of difficulty on the song as well. speaking of songs, it uses .mp3 and .sng files so you have to select the right version when you’re picking a song otherwise you have to go back and reselect the song.

ps : there’s no “previous song” on this, only “next song” so if you have a wide song base, good luck in getting to the song you wanted.


the verdict? you can pass on this game. really, don’t bother.

i’m trying to find something better and perhaps let ben try it before it vanishes from my psp…

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