if the blind could see…

…they wouldn’t need our help

on the way home, while waiting for the bus, i witnessed a most heartbreaking sight….

an indian man was making his way down from the front entrance of a bus, and everyone else was rushing to board… i wouldn’t have guessed that this indian man was actually blind. no one helped him off the bus, and he had to rely on his walking stick to make his way onto the pavement…

then, he wandered about 3 metres away from me, very slowly, feeling his way around. stopping every once in awhile hoping the person he felt was next to him would reach out a helping hand…

there were at least 20 people at the bus stop, not a single one approached him to ask if he needed help to get to where he had to be… i felt nervous watching him advance, at some point he seemed to be heading straight for a solid pillar, and yet everyone around him just continued to watch him feel his way around… their stares, their judgmental gazes, some even inched backwards away from him as he passed.

since when was being blind a contagious disease?

you’d think someone would have the heart or at least the common sense to redirect him to a less hazardous path….

i watched as he drew even closer to the pillar, and as i thought, he walked right into it. at least 3 people had eyes on him just before he hit the pillar, did they not see that it would have been good to pull him away? or at least shout “watch out!” ? how did these people just a few steps away just stand and watch as a blind man walks into a pillar?

the sound was loud, and at the moment, everyone finally acknowledged that a blind man needed help. and even tho, only then did a male student guide him towards the train station, i still felt bitter to say the least…

it’s already hard for us who can see to make our way around at times, not to mention someone who has no sight… what is wrong with the society we live in? have we not been taught to help those in need? have we really been brought up to be selfish and cold?

i can only imagine how that blind man must have felt…

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