day 2 with no laptop

i have survived two days without my mac.

I’M DYING. honestly.

i keep looking at my table expecting my laptop to be there, but it isn’t. when i wake up, i wanna jump up and power up the laptop, but there’s isn’t one to power up.

i sit in the study and while waiting for my website to publish, i think of going to my room to use my mac to surf. BUT IT’S NOT THERE!

someone please kill me. PLEASE.

it doesn’t help that wordpress is somehow not letting me upload photos today. it always gives me an error message… why? jeanine is sad, much.

at least i found my webcam. i’m such an IDIOT. i admit. the other day Kester messaged me on msn and did the video thing and i was like… “i don’t have a webcam” and he said, “but msn says you do!” so i was like, “urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr okay”

so the next day i opened the logitech webcam software i have installed and clicked on the quick capture button. it didn’t tell me the camera wasn’t connected, but i did see a BLACK SCREEN! hmmmmmmm, crickey.

so i looked behind my monitor and.

(oh my god  i really felt like a prize IDIOT!)


yup, that’s how idiotic i can get sometimes, just sometimes. really. i’m not always like that. somehow i remembered i put it back there quite some time ago. i just can’t quite remember why.

okay, bye!

oh oh! before i forget! go check this out :

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