the inevitable shopping spree!

i can’t stop myself from shopping… it’s bad i know but i just can’t help it…

i soooo wanted to get this dress from river island. it’s so pretty! costs a whopping $183 tho! :)

the details on the fabric are awesome, somewhat like brocade? but mummy said i’d only wear such a dress once… plus she isn’t a fan of anything black like that… but seriously, it’s pretty right? in true fact, i’ll probably only wear it once… and paying $183 to wear something once isn’t really worth it.. right?


oh well, i still did buy a dress tho!

this one i found in topshop. and it costs $129! quite standard for a dress from topshop i reckon. since i got a michelle lowe dress from topshop some years ago…

this one’s cute and flouncy! is there even such a word? haha!



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