My Sunday Buys ♥

For awhile now I’ve spent my sundays sleeping in, having lunch at home, going to church, dinner and sunday would be over. Well yesterday was really different! I spent the afternoon at A-Mod at TripleOne Somerset with Mimi & Skye.

I’ll do a proper post about the event we were at, here’s a couple of photos for now tho… We got our hair styled by stylists from Bonafides! They gave me really pretty big curls, I loved them so much that I really didn’t wanna wash out the curls when i got home last night!

I think the curls somehow frame my face better. Mimi got curls too and so did Skye. More photos when I do up the event post! We were each given a free accessory courtesy of A-Mod, mine was this gun metal ring. It’s bad ass! And i decided to buy this simple charm necklace to match.

After the event Mimi & I had dinner at Applebees and it was pretty yummy! I’ll leave that for a separate post too, now let me get to what i bought!

We got the “tip off” from Skye who knew i was looking for new super faded blue skinny jeans that would actually fit me. (i’m a tiny size 6)  Newlook was having this 50% off the second pair of jeans so we had to go check it out. True enough, i found the last pair of the faded blues in size 6! lucky me! if you’re a size 6 too, i’m sorry.. :(


While i was waiting for Mimi to try out her stuff i went roaming around the store and found this really pretty dusty pink/nude blazer. last piece in size 8, thank goodness it fits so i scored that too! along with 2 basic white tanks to go with my new skinnies. while waiting to pay i picked up a pair of dangly earrings and a bunch of rings.

altho the pocket damage was pretty heavy yesterday, i’m a happy bunny :)

hope everyone had an equally fulfilling weekend, and have a fab week ahead!

♥ jean

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