The Little Things

I’ve been pretty much a grouch the past few days since I got sick but Robin came over yesterday and made me feel that much better! Sadly, when he left I felt sick again… I am beginning to think it’s like a withdrawal effect of sorts. :/

domo earstuds S$8/pair (in store soon!)

I finally managed to plonk myself at my work desk to get some work done while he studied for his exams coming up next week, and as hard as it was to not distract each other, I think we did pretty well! I’ve got so much new stuff that needs to go up in store but falling sick over the weekend really put a damper on things, I need to get back into the work flow again.

We tend to draw on each other quite a bit… And Robin likes playing with my stuff so he made something for me yesterday. (See last photo)

I haven’t decided if I wanna have it as a necklace or a bracelet, but I’m leaning more towards a charm bracelet cos it looks so adorable. Head’s up everyone! That’s a new gift idea!

If you want me to make you one just drop me an email at

taaaaaaaaaa ♥

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