mmmmmm pancakes! ♥

you all already know how much i love pancakes, right?

well this… this is absolute pancake heaven. some time ago Sarah who writes at Sarah’s Loft hosted a PANCAKE CHALLENGE. i’m not kidding.. not a pancake eating challenge but a challenge to create the yummiest pancake! Ed & his sister Rachel definitely did not sit out on this challenge and they came in 4th with their earl grey infused pancakes with caramelised bananas & blueberry compote. *gasppp. just saying that makes me crave. congrats to you two! :)

Sarah's Loft Great Pancake Challenge Results! ED: Hey guys! The much anticipated results are out! THE GREAT PANCAKE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!! We didn’t win. )): but we got 4th! Check out her page to see what other contestants popped out of their pans! … Read More

via cinnamonsin

these are oatmeal pancakes with strawberry sauce that took 3rd place… oatmeal pancakes… i can’t quite imagine how they’d taste but i might just have a go at it sometime! *tummy rumbles

( read all about the Pancake Challenge here )

pssstttttt : selected recipes included! *happy dance! :)

♥ jean

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