i ♥ faire belle

hello! ahhhh i’m so excited to finally get back to blogging in full swing. i’ve got a deal for you girls this week! but wait! let me first show off the new maxi dress i got from Faire Belle just last week!

i’m absolutely in love with this maxi dress. for one, it’s “reversible”, so the back can be the front and the front can be the back! plus i love ruffles! I wore it to dinner with mimi & jones on sunday :)

i just checked and as of now, there are only two pieces left in stock! and for just $29.50, you’d be silly to hesitate! (it’s in collection 67) and with the discount, you’ll only pay $27.50 for the dress! promo deets are as follows :

enjoy $2 off your purchase just by quoting my name, “Jeanine” when placing your order. (updated : hey girls! just to prevent any misunderstandings, it’s $2 off your total bill, not $2 off per item)

(this promotion is valid until 28th april 2011)

this would be applicable on any item that is not listed under “What’s Available”, so basically, new collections! and here’s their latest collection :

if something from a past collection catches your eye, you might want to check if it has been added to the “What’s Available” page cos they have a crazy deal going on for instock items! which is this.. ready?

Take $5 off item pricing for purchase of 1 item!
Take $6 off each item for purchase of 2 items!
Take $7 off each item for purchase of 3 items!
Take $8 off each item for purchase of 4 items!
Take $9 off each item for purchase of 5 items!

Take $10 off each item for purchase of 6 items!

 that’s a whole lot of savings so you can go crazy shopping with your girlfriends! the more the merrier! (i didn’t quite believe such crazy deals even existed!) please see terms & conditions in store :)

okay i think i’ve kept you here long enough, now click on the link below to hop over to Faire Belle to start shopping! have fun fashionistas!

( i ♥ faire belle )

much shoppaholic ♥ jean

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