I'm doing what i can, are you?

forget bogus “causes” on Facebook, SocialVibe is the real deal.

( click on the above image to start helping )

it makes supporting a cause easy for people like you and me. the best part is, you can help without making monetary contributions. it’s more or less funded by (ad) sponsors, like Sony and Dove. i’ve been meaning to get in on this, and finally had the time to sit down and do it yesterday morning…


i’ve managed to accumulate funds for 72 hours worth of a Ugandan child’s school fees in less than a day. it may not be much, yet, which is why i’m hoping you would help me with it too :)

there are many different causes you can support on SocialVibe, but i chose Invisible Children for many reasons.

you’ll probably understand why if you visit the Invisible Children’s website… there are charities that aim to provide clean water, some that fund research, but a child’s education is vital. especially so in Uganda where the children are forced to fight. even with food and water, a child with no education will never be able to break free of the life they’re forced to live.

you will not believe how much i cried watching footage, so i won’t share those videos yet…  here’s one that’s a little less intense.

i’ll be getting some of these bracelets and probably the bag soon, if anyone else wants to buy them, let me know, i’ll be glad to put together multiple orders, we can all share the shipping costs. all proceeds go directly to helping the families in Uganda.

(click here to see items in Invisible Children’s store)

i’ll be updating more on this topic regularly, so i really hope YOU will jump on the bandwagon with me and do what we can to give these children a more promising future :)

love, jean

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