it's a love hate thing.

…hopped on a bus, and sat in the corner.

the best part about bus rides late at night is that you can cry your eyes out, and no one really gives a shit.

i can deal with not being treated like a princess… and i’m okay with not being showered with surprises and gifts.

but why am i never made to feel the least bit special?

why do i never feel important in your life?

why do you always make me second best?

perhaps it’s a fact that i’ll never be a VIP on your list.

what’s the point of wanting to spend every minute with you, when i’m so easily replaceable?

you push me aside as you please, and for so long i’ve just gritted my teeth and bore with it all.

but today i’ve suddenly come to realise, that when you’re made to feel so insignificant, it really wouldn’t make a difference if you cease to exist.

each time i get this feeling, i’m just so tempted to run away.

maybe i’ll turn into my old depressed self, maybe. just maybe.

i just don’t know how much more of this i can take.

i feel as if i’m standing on the very edge.


…and you’ll never know what you’ve got until you lose it


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