one, two, three, four.

for those of you who can’t imagine how serious having FOUR stitches on your finger is….

Photo 222

it’s this bad. gross isn’t it?

i’m actually glad i didn’t see this with my own eyes… ben took a photo of it when he removed the bandage to change the dressing… looks like it’s gonna leave a permanent scar on his finger cos the cut was so deep…

how’s he gonna do pull ups and chin ups like that? he’s one finger handicapped! (and for a long time too!) this is gonna hurt for awhile i reckon.

oh well, it feels as if the weekends are getting shorter. they end before i get to enjoy time with ben… but that’s life isn’t it? i’m so tired i’m gonna crash… i haven’t even uploaded photos from the weekend, tho there really aren’t very many. so i’ll leave that for later…

night night everyone! have an awesome week ahead!

love, jean

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