Food For Love.

Baby made us german pancakes for lunch on Saturday!

I would post the video of him doing dips in the kitchen in between making pancakes but I think he might kill me so I’ll skip that for now.

Time really flies when you’re having fun… In the blink of an eye, we’ve been together 3 weeks now, and I can safely say, I have no regrets. The drama we had to go through to be together was well worth it for what we have now, and for the future. December is right around the corner, and Robin will start university in just 2 weeks.. I need to start getting used to seeing him less and having less time to spend together. The thought of it is somewhat mood dampening cos we’re practically glued to each other, but we have to get through all this before we can be where we really want to be in life, and I know that we’ll be okay. :)

Ich liebe Dich, baby. xx

The Countdown to 2012

The past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy, but hey, we’re getting by just fine. In fact, I feel as if everything is back on track and things are (finally) going well again. With barely two months left of 2011, the countdown to 2012 begins, and I must say the year end plans sound really exciting.

I’m getting into spring cleaning early this year, I’ve been throwing out loads of stuff on a daily basis now. Hopefully, my room will be spick & span soon, out with the old and in with the new. Also, been trying to update my wardrobe so I got these from ASOS two days ago.


My dress for new years. Pretty sure I’ll be tempted to wear it even before new years… But I still need to find new shoes to match.

Since I’ve decided not to get bangs and let my fringe totally grow out, a headband to keep my hair in place, some days. I’m not allowed to cut my hair now cos Robin  likes my hair long, the most I’m allowed to cut off is 2cm. Maybe I’ll get away with 5cm? :/

Time is flying fast, and there are some things I can’t wait to get over and done with. Life is short, and I can’t live my life trying to please everyone around me. To each his own. xx


After a whole pack of panadol and still no improvement, I resorted to chinese herbal meds (and more panadol). Hey, I think it’s actually working after 3 bitter bowlfuls. My respiratory system seems to be extremely reactive to smoke/haze; thanks to the Bukom fire last week I’ve been coughing & sneezing my brains out. Not happy at all.

Being unwell, somehow makes me feel somewhat, empty. Sure, my parents still take care of me and get me medicine but, I feel like I haven’t found that part of me that I lost over a year ago. That part of me, it’s still empty, somehow. I miss having that someone who endlessly fusses over me as if having a cold was something life-threatening. It’s funny, in a way, those bittersweet memories. They make you smile for awhile, but they can also bring tears to your eyes. It’s the kind of thing I think about every now and then, the things that get forced to the back of my head. I know there is so much more I need to do with my life, and it scares me sometimes, especially when you’re pretty much on your own.

I keep ending up in situations I don’t want to be in, but, could these be situations I NEED to be in? If so, WHY? I have questions, but no answers, yet.

Over the past week, new opportunities have presented themselves, I’m still working through them. Right now I just want to recover from this “virus” cos it’s really messing with my productivity.

Don’t mind me, I’m not always this depressing. xx

One decision can change your life.

70 days out of drug rehab, this guy whose job was to haul trash, took the X-Factor stage and changed his own life for the better, as well as everyone elses. I won’t lie, I actually cried. Listen carefully to the lyrics he wrote in his original song, “Young homie”.

“There’s always a chance, and there’s always a choice. Life is too precious to waste…”

Temporary Impressions.

Was talking to Jones today about something I’ve observed over the past few weeks.. Put simply, I find that people are more attractive when they’re single.

Why? I’ve had some pretty good first impressions of people I’ve met in the past few months/weeks, some of whom are now attached. The difference? When they were single, there was something about them, some sort of charm; but now that they are attached, they seem somewhat, normal, just average. My initial impressions of them seem to have been smeared, sadly.

We came to the conclusion that most people stop making the effort to upkeep their appearance once they’ve found a partner, and that comfortable feeling that comes along with it.

Over time, it’s possible that the person that you managed to impress in the beginning might not find you as impressive/attractive anymore, and then what?

Just cos you’ve found someone who loves you now, doesn’t mean you should stop loving yourself, or love yourself any less. If anything, you’re the only person responsible for yourself.

Don’t take the present for granted. Live in a way that you’ll never have to ask yourself, “What have I become?”

…what we know

We find comfort in the past where everything is familiar, but it has passed. The future is paved with uncertainty, but with that comes new experiences. What’s done cannot be altered, so don’t look back; but instead, mold the future ahead.

black bodycon maxi – topshop || lace embroidery detail blazer – tracyeinny || black envelope clutch – xquisis

(no) silence, please.

I have issues with silence; everything about it. Simply put, I hate silence.

I’ve always found it hard to understand how two people who usually communicate on a daily basis can, without warning, fall into an endless pit of unspoken words. Based on past experiences, a sudden break in communication often suggests that something is wrong. Well, that’s almost always the case, right?

The silence is awkward, uncomfortable, & somewhat, frustrating. I don’t know why anyone would enjoy or want to put another person through such a dreaded silence, well, I don’t & won’t.

then & now.

when we were younger, we always sought adventure. the thrill of the chase, then falling, over and over again. sweet, poetic words the boys would try to pen, in a bid to win a girl’s heart. roses, chocolates, dinners, sweet nothings, we wanted them all. over the years a box i kept filled up with notes, heartfelt poems, gifts, little handmade presents, photos and bittersweet memories, but that is all they have become. looking back, i sometimes wonder if the emotions were real, it’s been so long, i can’t quite connect. i pulled out some letters from way back in 2006, but the lines of sweet nothings are no more than just mere words now.

i guess sweet talk just doesn’t cut it anymore, and besides, talk is cheap. i’ve had enough of hearing the same thing over and over again.. like how i’m the perfect girlfriend and that no one can replace me. guys, the worst thing you can tell a girl is that you don’t deserve her. (i always say that’s bullocks) i don’t know, perhaps most guys feel inclined to say such things to a girl at some point, but actions speak louder than words and these days i find words hardly convincing.

don’t tell me i’m perfect cos i know, i’m anything but, and that’s okay.

i’m not the girl you can buy over with flowers & poems, cos flowers will die and words will be forgotten. i just want something real. but now i’m so tired of running, so i’ll just keep standing still. 

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