…just popping by to say hello :)

oooops! …don’t mind me! i’m just being a bunny and tearing up newspaper! more specifically, an origami bowl that jeanine folded from newspaper… oh what the heck, it’s still newspaper right? whee!

love, Baileys

I'm Back!

not from anywhere in particular, just back on the WWW.

so turns out my laptop had a RAM problem, they changed the RAM and it’s working like a gem now. i feel so relieved! it was initially thought to be a logic board problem, which would have been disastrous! >_<

simply meaning, i would have had to buy a new laptop… thank god i don’t; well not yet at least.

sarah and meee. we always do this when i’m there. usually…

on saturday i took Baileys to get his nails clipped for the first time… $12!!! and guess what? after that i went to Pet Lovers and found out they clip nails for FREE. seriously it was like a kick in the head! at least i know now right? oh well….

here’s Baileys just chilling in his new playpen!

i finally found some PVC sheet to line the floor so he won’t make a mess… even if he does, i’m the one who does the cleaning… it’s not as non-slip as i wished it would be. he still slips when he runs fast…

and he likes to play chase!

mummy was just walking by but he followed her, so finding it amusing she walked backwards, and he followed! after that we started running back and forth and he’d follow from corner to corner. but he tends to take alot of shortcuts! lol! he’s one problematic rabbit, first it was the sneezing, he still sneezes, but he really seems normal otherwise. recently i noticed the fur around his neck was thinning!!! i’m praying it’s not mites, cos his area is kept clean… and because i used the powder bath some time ago, i can’t tell the difference between powder residue and dandruff from mites! URRRRGGGHHHHHH :(

and this morning, i woke up and went outside to be greeted by fumigation fumes!!! the rubbish chute wasn’t closed properly and the fumes creeped in and filled the house! i panicked and ran to check if Baileys was okay! thank goodness, up till now, he still seems normal. i hope he didn’t inhale too much of the fumes! don’t they warn people about rubbish chute fumigations around here??? sheeeesh.

anyway back to the weekend, i actually developed a fever on saturday night. within 2 hours it went from 37.6 to 38.5! i took 2 biogesics and 3 packs of herbal tea and just lay in bed feeling like crappp… thankfully i was feeling better by sunday afternoon, in time for mass and dinner at Manhattan!

this is the 1-for-1 lobster platter deal at $28.80!

i won’t deny, it is a good deal.. but i didn’t really like the sauce they used on top of the lobster…. i still like my lobsters just plain steamed or baked with lobster… think fisherman’s wharf in sydney!  but we ended up getting two $10 vouchers so looks like we’ll be back at Manhattan pretty soon again anyways…

but something on the way home really killed a good meal…

someone threw up in the train! urgggghhhhhhhh

this was the closest i was willing to go to get a shot of the mess… it was actually funny to see how singaporeans would rush to get to the seat, only to get close enough to see the mess on the floor… oh the horror! i had a few good laughs myself :)

please, if you’re not feeling well, carry a couple of plastic bags with you. if you didn’t mean to throw up, at least clean up your own mess before getting off! it’s just plain unethical! no?

Baileys' Sleepy Sunday

“i’ve spent most of today just lazing around… and that’s my new chew toy! it has a bell inside…”

he does “attack” the wood board and newspaper less but hasn’t stopped entirely. at least i know when he picks up the ball to chew or play with the ringing of the bell… this seems to be one of his favourite sleeping positions… i really don’t understand why he likes to squeeze his head between the cage and the bowl tho. how is that comfortable? lol

he’s sneezing a little less today, and i think his nose isn’t as wet… i hope it totally clears up soon so i don’t have to take him to the vet again… vet visits sure are expensive! >_<

It's Friday? Already?

…it feels like just yesterday that i brought Baileys home. but it’s already been… 5 days! gosh time really flies when you’ve got your hands full. it’s really unfortunate that Baileys caught an infection immediately after i got him.. in fact, i’m beginning to think he was already a little unwell when i got him from the shop. i remember his nose was already kinda wet.

to think they made me sign a form claiming that they won’t be responsible for him being sick once he’s paid for. how irresponsible…… shouldn’t they at least make it a point to ensure he is totally fine first and not sell a pet that’s already not well?

but… the fact is, i’ve grown to love Baileys…

although he really makes me panic when he starts dashing around his cage and makes my heart ache each time he sneezes, he’s really a “furball of joy”. i asked the vet yesterday if his dashing around in the cage is normal, i was afraid he was dashing around becos he was scared, but she said it doesn’t seem to be a medical problem since the only problem is his nose… so it might just be a “behavioral thing” or he’s just amusing himself… she said if he was scared he would be panting after dashing around, which he doesn’t do. so, well, i’m hoping he’s just playing and doesn’t hurt himself in the process.

i just hope he’ll stop sneezing totally and get well soon so he can be a normal happy bunny.

i really wish i could let him out to run free in the house, but there’s really no way my place is rabbit-proof! he’s very fast to bite everything he sees, so imagine, the wooden trims, curtains, wires, cabinets… the only part of the house that he can really run free is the “corridor” leading to the rooms. all doors would have to be closed tho. and the floor is marble so it’ll be really slippery! oh well.. i feel kinda bad not having a large space for him to run… my parents would definitely kill me if he runs freely around the house! lol

3 days on medication, he’s doing okay. he’s pooping normally, no diarrhea, he’s eating and drinking okay too; thank goodness. it’s almost like having a baby at home. he jumps at loud noises! and he constantly wants attention. after alot of dashing around, if you sit next to his cage and stroke him, he’ll settle down and chill in a corner. and he jumps up the moment u stop!

i also asked the vet if it was safe for him to consume newspapers.. not that i’m feeding him that but he just keeps tearing it up and ending up eating some of it. she said it was safe but just make sure he’s eating his own food too. so i tore the edges from the newspaper, the “ink-less” parts and lined the sides of his cage… at least i know he’s not ingesting ink. i’m gonna go look for new things for him to play with so he gets distracted and stops eating the paper…

and look at the mess he made!

anyhoos, i have to make a quick trip down to clarke quay in abit. got to pick up the goodie bag i won from CHIC MAGAZINE and also a set of their past issues! and then, ben’s coming to meet me at Dhoby… i wanna go to daiso to see if they have anything fun and safe that Baileys can play with… wood toys and stuff. the stuff i ordered online will only be delivered next week. :(

and speak of the devil, ben’s really getting good at giving me heart attacks these days. he doesn’t tell me he’s got nights out, he just shows up at my house! >_< i really need to start preparing myself mentally for these sudden shocks. i might just die of shock one day… ppppfft.

oh well, time to get ready. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Big Bills!

…that’s what Baileys is chalking up now.

he’s been sneezing since i got him so i thought i’d better take him to the vet to make sure it’s nothing major. thankfully, he hasn’t got the snuffles. phew…

the doctor said it was a nose infection that’s just starting out, so Baileys is now on four types of medications to get all better. it’s supposed to make him drowsy, but i don’t see very much of a difference. he’s still as restless as ever… lol

Baileys’ meds that he has to take for a week. poor Baileys….

i was worried about having to force feed him with medicine, but surprisingly, he takes it very well! the only tricky one is the antibiotic… i don’t think he likes that one very much.. but then again, who does? eeew.

his first trip to the vet cost me over $80!!!

chilling after his visit to the vet….

anyways, i found this online pet store that has tons and tons of stuff. from what i’ve read, they sell for cheaper than other pet stores! i’m looking to get some stuff for Baileys… like a harness so it’s safer to let him loose in the balcony, and a litter box to make changing the bedding easier. (i hope) i’m also getting him some wood chews! right now he’s totally ruining the wooden floor board. oh well…. he’s gonna need grooming brushes too cos he’s got quite a thick coat of fur that is gonna need ALOT of brushing to keep clean…

i was thinking of getting him this tunnel or lounger that’s made of timothy hay, but since he’s not supposed to be feeding on hay yet, i guess that can wait a while longer… should i get him a travel case now? if he gets better in a week he won’t need another trip to the vet anytime soon… but ben is gonna want to play with him sometime… hmmmm…

anyway, if you have a pet and need supplies, check out KOHE PETS for grooming needs, furniture, food and other accessories for your furry companion!

before i forget, i caught him sleeping like some fat cat yesterday!

time to get back to work! byeeeeeee

Meet Baileys!

hello! my name is Baileys!

I’m a lionhead rabbit, and i’m 2+ months old… i’m huge for a 2 month old rabbit… i know.

jeanine just bought me today, and ben likes playing with me too!

i like to be hand fed. and i eat ALOT. (and poop alot too)

do i look like a little lion?

that’s all from me for now… stick around to see more of me!

love, Baileys!

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