Beginnings of a beauty junkie?

I’ve been in the pursuit of better skin for as long as I remember, but some of us just aren’t blessed with perfect skin. What works, what doesn’t, I’d love to share my experiences here with anyone who is interested, perhaps, you could share your experiences with me too? :)

Could this be the beginning of a beauty junkie?


Can a girl have too much makeup? Well, maybe, but variety is the spice of life!

I won this Victoria’s Secret Runway Ready Makeup Kit in a recent blog contest held by and 313 Somerset. The entire kit consists of 64 eyeshadows, 8 lipsticks, 8 lip glosses, 3 blushers, 2 bronzers, and 1 luminous powder. WOW! I’ve never owned this many colors, but there’s always a first, right? It’s actually pretty overwhelming, the colors, that is. I’ve always stuck to safe colors, brown, black, no crazy colors like blue or green; simply cause I never really learned how to use colors in a bold way.

I’ll probably need lots of time to get acquainted with the vast array of colors, but I am definitely loving the lip glosses!


I recently discovered, thanks to the recommendations from a few of my customers. Gosh! I was completely sold. I was actually just looking to get something that would help with sleep but I ended up with a whole box full of stuff.


So what’s in my first iHerb haul?

  1. Reviva Labs Green Papaya & Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygen mask
  2. Reviva Labs Problem Skin mask
  3. Now Foods European Clay Powder
  4. Herbs Etc. Deep Sleep Fast-acting Softgels
  5. Gaia St John’s Wort Liquid Phyto-caps
  6. Frontier Natural Porducts French Green Clay Powder
  7. Badger Sleep Balm

I haven’t tried all the products yet, but I did try the European Clay Powder. I mixed it with Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel and applied it for approximately 20 minutes before washing off. At least 50% of the stubborn blackheads I had on my nose were “dislodged” or should I say, extracted with a light squeeze. Ill probably try to use it with a vitamin E oil or leave it on for a shorter period of time the next time I use it. It really tugs at your skin as it dries, so you’ll know to wash it off when it starts to get a bit uncomfortable, which is why mixing with a face oil is recommended if you have dry skin.

It may or may not be the result of the mask but the itchy patches I had on my forehead seem to have gotten irritated and started itching and getting red (yet again) so I’m falling back on Beprosalic for a couple of days until it subsides. I’m beginning to suspect it is some sort of eczema. I might try using this as a spot treatment on stubborn acne though. Let’s see how that goes!

♥ If you are new to iHerb, enter my Rewards Code CDK163 to enjoy up to $10 off your first purchase!


Now on to my first purchase from Enavose!


I really appreciate the effort they put into packing the order, nicely packed and topped with a pretty bow! If you’ve read my blog, I’m sure you’ve read about my review of Enavose’s Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15, otherwise, read it here.

After exhausting the sample of the Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage they sent me previously, I knew I had to order a full size so I can keep using it! I’ll tell you what I like about it when I get down to reviewing it, but here’s what’s in my Enavose order, you can click on the links to find out more about the products.


  1. Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15
  2. 1st Line Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage
  3. H20sis Black Tea Quench Mask (Complimentary travel-size)
  4. Purific Bitter Almond Decongestant Serum

♥ If you’re interested in purchasing the Swiss Glacial Loose Powder, the special price of $29.90 + a complimentary travel-sized Black Tea Quench Mask ends 26th July!


Ijustwannajoin on Qoo10 has been one of my go-tos for USA brands like Burt’s Bees, Queen Helene and Thayers before I discovered iHerb. In comparison I’d say the prices on iHerb are lower, BUT! If you are only looking to buy one or two items that won’t qualify you for free shipping on iHerb, this is probably a good alternative if you’re living in Singapore. The seller, Amy likes to throw in the occasional freebie or two! :)


I think I may have gone a bit overboard with my purchase but, anyways. The ones with the s are my top favourites and most recommended products!

  1.  Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment
  2. Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm
  3.  Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel
  4. ♥ Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
  5. Queen Helene Oatmeal ‘n Honey Natural Facial Scrub
  6.  Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub
  7. Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque
  8.  Monistat Chaffing Relief Powder Gel
  9.  GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel

I loveeee the Res-Q Ointment, and so does my dad. I’ve already ordered a second “tin” because my dad wants to have one of his own. The price is a little steep for a balm but I like that it is natural yet effective, and very compact to keep in my bag. The Burt’s Bees Honey lip balm was a disappointment though, it didn’t smell the way I expected it to smell. I assumed honey would smell something like the honey lip gloss I got from Paul Frank previously but it smells NOTHING like it. I don’t know what it smells like, but definitely not honey.

I was running out of my Thayers Rose Witch Hazel so I decided to try the Lavender, I still like the rose one more but the lavender has its perks too. In fact I love the rose one so much that I already placed an order for another bottle. Perfect for using with my clay powders from iHerb!

The Monistat Chaffing Relief Powder Gel is actually meant for intimate areas, but I came across a few blogs that have claimed this makes an amazing primer for a fraction of the cost of professional high end primers, I just had to try. And it really does work very well as a primer, it creates a nice silky finish that’s make up ready.

The GNC Aloe Vera Gel was a super buy and came in very helpful when I was battling red patches on my face. It is 99% aloe vera and I only paid  S$4.90 for this generous tube.

Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub has been the only scrub I have been using for awhile now. I use Gamila Secret’s Wild Rose bar soap on a daily basis and that doesn’t really provide thorough exfoliation, so I use the scrub 2-3 times a week. It is gentle enough for daily use if you like. This is a very mild and refreshing scrub at a very reasonable price. The mask is also worth every penny and is gentle even on sensitive skin.

What are your favourite beauty products? :)

Sponsored Review : Enavose Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15

Enavose Logo_origin flushed


Enavose, a premium beauty brand, launched its debut in Singapore in 2011. With a staunch commitment to being natural and eco-friendly, Enavose’s made-in Switzerland products have already garnered several beauty awards.

Have YOU heard about Enavose?

Before I was approached to do a product review, the brand was completely unknown to me. Upon visiting their web store, I found myself wanting to try almost everything. I have very sensitive skin, so using products that DO NOT contain parabens, SLES, mineral oil and allergenic fragrances is very important to me, and I’m so glad Enavose found me!


In addition to the Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15, they were so generous as to send me a travel-sized tube of their Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage since I enquired about the product. They didn’t ask me to review it, but I definitely will in a separate post because I love it and am prepared to purchase the full size. :)

Armed with a new line of cosmetics, Enavose make-up is not just a beautiful collection of imaginative hues and colours, but is also beneficial to your skin. Boosted by Living Skin Elements – a selection of nature’s high-performance actives that breathes life into skin, witness the blossoming of your innate beauty as your skin becomes a radiant canvas made beautiful inside and out.


The Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15 is the first star product from Enavose’s makeup range, and believe it or not, it is 50% water! :O

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 12.18.31 AM

Typically, loose powders are applied with a makeup brush, right? Well, not this one. The petite, lightweight container is shaped somewhat like a water drop. The moulded “knob handle” makes for easy handling, with the application puff attached to it, it makes for fuss-free application. The puff is removable, making cleaning of the applicator possible. It’d be great if they sold the applicators separately for replacement purposes for those who are well, too lazy to wash and dry the puffs.

But you should always wash your makeup applicators and brushes!



Immediately upon application, the feeling is simply refreshing! It feels cool, slightly moist, but oddly, you don’t see any water at all. The encapsulated beads of Swiss Glacial Water gradually pop to maintain deep hydration levels from within, your skin’s moisture barrier remains boosted for 24 hours.

The Reflective mineral pigments diffuse light for a smoothing effect on the skin. Irregular skin surfaces and pores become less apparent, skin looks dewy and glows! Honestly I was amazed at the effect the very first time I applied the powder, it also makes your skin look so much better in photos! The powder provides sheer, translucent coverage for a very natural finish and is completely oil free.


If you enlarge the photo you can see just how fine the powder is, I just dabbed some on my hand so you can see that dewy effect it gives your skin cause I’m not gonna show you my face up close! Cosssssssss… My face is actually going crazy right now. I started peeling a few days back, I want to believe it’s because my skin is regenerating itself after I started using a new (organic) product. I’m not just peeling, I’m also red/pink in certain areas and without anything on my face, my face feels like it’s going to CRACK, but I’m trying to stick it out for a couple more days so it better be worth it.

Photo on 23-6-13 at 4_Fotor

You can probably see a couple of spots, the redness on both sides of my nose and forehead, that’s where the skin is most dry and still in the “peeling process”. By today my nose was done peeling, and amazingly, my blackheads seem to have reduced by at least 70%, or so I’d like to think, but anyway I’ll save that for another post maybe. My point is, despite having dry, flaky, irritated skin made a whole lot worse by the haze, Enavose’s Swiss Glacial Loose Powder actually helped, not just in making my skin look smoother, but also in keeping it hydrated. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and didn’t need a single touch up all evening.

PS : I didn’t do any spot healing or smoothening effects with photoshop, just so you know I’m not kidding about the effects of the powder. I wanted to do a before after the powder thing but seeing how much “patchy” I looked, I passed.


I use it as a finishing powder to set my makeup, but you can use it on a bare face if you have no imperfections to hide. It doesn’t create a cakey finish despite the puff application, it practically just… blends in and gives you a magical kind of glow, like magic powder!

Priced at $39.50, the Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15 comes in a universal shade of Nude Glow that flatters and suits every skin tone.

Now, here are a couple of deals for you! Please note that the store promotions end in a month, whereas the giveaway ends THIS WEDNESDAY, 26th June 2013 so do it quick, okay? :)


Exclusive Online Deal!

Grab the Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15 at an exclusive price of $29.90 and receive a complimentary travel-sized Black Tea Quench Mask Worth $29.

Since the haze is keeping most of us indoors, why not make your Enavose purchase from the comfort of your home? With such a fantastic deal, I’m definitely getting one or two for myself! I can’t wait to try the Black Tea Quench Mask cause it has gotten rave reviews!! :)))

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.29.47 PM

Offer ends Friday, 26th July 2013.



Enavose Concept Store is located at Suntec City Mall, Tower 3, #02-079/081


Enjoy an additional $10 off the Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15 + A Complimentary Mini Makeover! Vouchers are limited so go redeem your vouchers from the link below!

Button 2_ENV SGLP Campaign_FB Voucher Bloggers Button

And that’s not all!

Stand a chance to win 1 out of 3 Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15 packages!

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  3. Cross your fingers and hope you win!

Good luck! Giveaway ends Wednesday 26th June 2013!

Sponsored Review : Hada Labo ES Lotion for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to try hard to find the perfect skincare range that won’t give you adverse side effects. It’s no fun at all, plus, you might end up wasting lots of money on stuff that your skin might not agree with. I mean, what do you do with hundreds of dollars worth of skin care when your face breaks into a rash after a week?

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 12.04.47 AM

Those with sensitive skin should try as far as possible to avoid stuff like mineral oils, fragrance, colorants, preservatives and alcohol in products, and Hada Labo recognises that need. The ES range is formulated with a 5 additive-free formula. That means no alcohol,no fragrance, no colorants, no preservatives and no mineral oils. YAY!


Like all their other products, the ES series also contains 2 key ingredients, 3 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid (Nano, Super and Normal) that effectively ultra-hydrates even the innermost layer of your skin. The addition of Zinc Gluconate nourishes, conditions and protects sensitive skin from the harsh environment. Zinc also plays an important part in the repairing of our skin. During this period of haze, trust me, we need all the protection we can get to shield our skin from irritants.

This mild ph-balanced formula also helps to strengthen skin barrier function and reduce skin irritation, while keeping skin healthy and beautiful.


This lotion is a lot more easily absorbed and it really just feels like splashing water on your face. Skin is instantly hydrated and shows no sign of irritation, it also works as a pretty good makeup base for me!

The ES Lotion is definitely my favourite out of all the other Hada Labo products I have tried and reviewed.


The ES range consists of 4 products, available exclusively at Guardian Pharmacies nationwide!

  • ES Cleansing Foam Wash (160ml) $16.90
  • ES Lotion (170ml) $25.90
  • ES Milk (140ml) $25.90
  • Makeup Remover (150ml) $20.90

So, if you have sensitive skin, you’re not alone! Hada Labo’s complete ES series costs under $90 and it’s all you’ll need.

Print out the voucher below and enjoy $2 off the ES Trial Kit, and make sure you “Like” Hada Labo on Facebook for more information and promotions! :)


Sponsored Review : Liese Free Arrange & Super Hard Hair Spray

This is my “re-encounter” with hair spray after years of telling myself I’ll never use it. Can Liese’s Free Arrange and Super Hard hair sprays change the stereotypical impression I have about hair sprays?


For years I’ve been an “anti-hair spray” and no hair wax kind of person. I hate hair spray, I hate hair wax, period.


First of all, my overall impression of hair spray is that it gives you a headache. The smell really has a way of getting in your head, and being subjected to inhaling whiffs of my mum’s hair spray for years? No thanks. Secondly, hair spray is a total pain to wash out, especially if you have long hair, expect to wash twice and condition to untangle all those knots! You can’t really run your fingers through your hair, and when you accidentally do that, you get sticky fingers. Eww.

So, why am I doing a review on hair spray if I hate hair spray THAT much? Let’s just say I was curious as to how much the “technology” behind hair spray has evolved since I swore to never let it get near my hair.


Liese’s Free Arrange hair spray and the Super Hard are similar, but different.

The Free Arrange gives you a 3D hold, ultra fluffy hair, more volume and holds gentle waves. As its name suggests, you can rearrange your hair throughout the day!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.47.43 PM

Unlike other hair sprays and hair waxes, it will not stick to your fingers! This is due to a unique self-bonding polymer that only sticks to itself, and not your fingers, leaving your hair silky smooth and dry. The Free Arrange hair spray can be used on pretty much all hair types, and can help you achieve a very wide range of looks.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 8.54.54 PM

The Super Hard on the other hand is more suitable for those who want to set really defined curls, control flyways, set bangs in place so you’ll have perfect bangs all day that don’t “split” without you knowing, and to create a lot of volume at the roots (think up-dos). Also, if you have really BIG hair, frizzy, that’s way too out there for your liking, the Super Hard can reduce volume too!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.29.20 PM

Basically, I’d call this a heavy duty hair spray. Your curls won’t budge even if you run or get caught in windy weather conditions. Since I’m not big on huge curls and don’t really dig the idea of having hair that’s hard to the touch, I’m totally leaning towards the Free Arrange hair spray.

Okay so me, being “anti-hair spray” all along, I decided to go with something completely idiot-proof! If I can do it you can too!

This is me, most days.


This is without any hair products at all, thus the insane amount of flyways. Usually I use Asience’s Leave-on Treatment Range which gives you nice shiny hair, but since I’m going to have hairspray all over, I skipped that. Mainly cause I don’t like having a ton of stuff in my hair, and, I figured it might affect the effectiveness of the hairspray.


First, decide how you want to part your hair. Centre, side, it’s up to you but I like to do a zig-zag pattern cause straight lines are just boring. Doing this also allows you to add more volume at the roots!



Grab a bunch of hair, and twist. You can skip the twisting part if you just want defined bunches of hair for a wispy look, but I find twisting gives the bunches a very subtle curling effect. Once you’re happy with your twisty, grab that hairspray! Then repeat with more bunches until you’re done.

Once you’ve completed your entire head of hair, gently “split” the twisted bunches and twist a bit more. You might want to lightly “shake” the bunch to loosen the bunch. I know a video would have been more self-explanatory but… Maybe this tutorial from Liese can help! It’s similar, but they use a curling iron first.

>> How to get defined hair bundles <<

Anyways, if you managed to follow my “tutorial”, you’ll end up with something like….



A side by side for comparison’s sake. It’s two different looks! I reckon the after look would be party and date perfect hair, BUT! I am still not used to not being able to run my fingers through my hair whenever I want. I must say though, Liese’s hairspray has managed to change my opinion of hairsprays. In the past I remember having to double wash my hair + condition just to get all that sticky gooey yucky stuff out, but not with this! Everything washes out well with a single wash. And for the record, neither of the hair sprays gave me a headache, they have rather pleasant fruity scents to boot!

As much as I love having curls in my hair from time to time, I still prefer having soft touchable hair compared to stiffly fixed hair. At least I know what I can use if I do decide to do something different with my hair.

Get more styling tips from Liese :


My first attempt at video on IG! I couldn’t embed it directly from Instagram so I uploaded it to Youtube and added audio. Have you tried the video function? :)


Sponsored Review : Bio-Essence Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face Series

brenoverlays107 copy

Bio-essence has innovatively blended Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence, Royal Jelly, ATP and precious herbal extracts like Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Angelica to enhance cell energy and skin metabolism. The Shape V Face Series provide minerals, trace minerals and herbal nutrients to lift and firm sagging skin to restore a V-shaped facial contour. So, we know what Royal Jelly is, but what is ATP exactly? Well ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate (WHAT?!), but just know it does your skin lots of good!

Enriched with Royal Jelly & ATP, the Shape V Face Series has double the effects to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-circulation effectively to renew and repair skin. It helps to restore the skin’s radiance and firmness to achieve a youthful V-shaped facial contour.


I was invited to try the Deep Exfoliating Gel, Radiant Youth Essence and Face Lifting Cream.

Before I go into my review of  the range though, you should know that unlike my other reviews where I try the products for a week or so and tell you whether they do what they’re supposed to do or not, I won’t be able to give you my full opinion on this range.


(This might be a tad long but bear with me, especially if you have sensitive skin)

When I first opened the product boxes, the first thing I noticed was a pamphlet that contained “Information Regarding Skin Allergy”. You know how they say where there is smoke, there is fire? So, I’m guessing they wouldn’t include such a thing if it wasn’t an expected “side effect”, right? Well, just so you know, I have rather sensitive skin, and a few months ago my skin reacted really badly to some facial washes that I ended up not reviewing at all. I read through the pamphlet, then crossed my fingers and hoped for the best as I began to try the products for a few days.

I tried the exfoliating gel, the youth essence and the face lifting cream and on that very day I was like WOW! My skin felt so soft and hydrated so I thought it shouldn’t be a problem, I continued using the products for a couple more days and then….. One morning I woke up and realised my face was starting to itch. I had developed red patches of thickened skin like I did the previous time my skin “rejected” a product, trust me it wasn’t a pretty sight. I had red itchy patches on my forehead, under my eyes, on my cheek. AHHHH! So heeding advice from the pamphlet, I stopped using all 3 products entirely but my face was itching! I had to resort to using fresh aloe vera (applied to my face) everyday for a whole week before the redness and itching subsided.

After a while, my skin was going back to normal so since according to the pamphlet, you can try using the products again after a few days, itchy fingers me, I did. This time I used only the exfoliating gel and the youth essence. BAD IDEA! The next day I was once again greeted by red itchy patches in all the same areas! I gave up and reverted back to my aloe vera remedy. Rather disappointed that my skin simply doesn’t agree with the high levels of nutrients in the products, I keep itching to give it another try.

Third time’s a charm?

I still use the exfoliating gel though, I don’t seem to get a bad reaction from that, in fact, you should give this one a shot.


This exfoliating gel claims to…

  • Gently & painlessly exfoliates out blackheads and white heads
  • Exfoliates away deep layer of dead skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare products
  • Brightens dull skin, makes dry and rough skin softer and smoother
  • Regulates and balances oil secretion
  • Helps prevent pimples
  • Helps lighten scars and pimple marks
  • Improves skin texture for a refine and fair complexion
  • Makeup glides on easily, lasts longer and looks more natural

So, does it really?

While it does exfoliate and help with those nasty blackheads and whiteheads, it’s not going to do this in just one use as they might want you to think. I mean, people go for facial extractions to get that done, so if we could remove blackheads ourselves without the pain in just ONE USE, that wouldn’t make sense would it? That would be too good to be true but I do hope it becomes a possibility one day! I say give it time to do it’s job. It still has yet to prove it’s claim about preventing pimples though, I still haven’t seen the end of the occasional outbreak. My skin does seem a little less oily, and it does feel smoother to the touch compared to before. I really hope it will help lighten scars and pimple marks if I continue to use it religiously. *fingers crossed.


The Radiant Youth Essence contains 95% Green Tea extract which provides superior anti-oxidant property to protect skin against signs of ageing, it intensively nourishes skin and locks in moisture, keeping skin smooth and supple.

  • Rapidly absorbed into skin to intensively moisturizes and nourishes skin to make skin soft and smooth
  • Hydrates skin and locks in moisture to prevent dryness and keep skin supple and hydrated
  • Rich in anti-oxidant property to protect skin against harmful free radicals
  • Reduces signs of skin aging
  • Ideal to be applied in cold weather where the air is very dry

In the few days before my skin decided to flare up, I thought this essence made a really good make up base. It may be an oil up until you apply it, but once it’s absorbed after a minute or so, my skin felt really soft like it’s supposed to, which is why I’m so bumped that those red patches showed up somehow. Afterall, I want to be able to protect my skin from free radicals and reduce age lines too…. Boo. :(


Lastly, the Face Lifting Cream, this one promises 8 marvellous benefits!

  1. Lifts facial contours
  2. Firms sagging skin
  3. Reduces double skin –> I wonder if they mean double chin? :O
  4. Contracts pores & refines skin
  5. Reduces appearance of ageing line
  6. Deeply nourishes & moisturizes skin
  7. Reduces visible fine lines & wrinkles
  8. Shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm

Like the essence, I wasn’t able to enjoy the full benefits of this cream. It claims to reduce your face size by 1cm in 10 minutes, which is pretty interesting, so I tried it. Measured my face before application and 10 minutes after, it was still exactly the same! Perhaps my skin isn’t saggy and is already toned? (Hopefully!) Has anyone else’s face really “shrunk” after using the cream? I would really love to benefit from this cream, especially in the area of contracting my pores. To give it another shot or not, I will sleep on it some more.

The only consolation?


My cousin recently said to me at dinner, “What did you do to your face? Why is it so V?” Well, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones to be blessed with a relatively pointy face, despite my high cheek bones. I’m also on the petite side, so maybe that also explains my matchy matchy small face? For those of you who weren’t born with it, there’s Bio-Essence’s Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Series to help you achieve that V shape!  Since I’ve derived that a V-shaped face is representative of youth, is that why everyone still thinks I’m 21? *laughs

PS : I just turned 28 last month!

Nonetheless, I believe this range deserves the thumbs up, cause I know my skin has just been really resistant to nutrient-rich products, unfortunately. A friend told me one of my previous reviews helped her deal with her sensitive skin, which has actually inspired me to want to blog more about how you can care for sensitive skin and what products are sensitive-skin friendly yet affordable. So stick around for more posts, okayyy? :)


The range is priced between $11.90 to $49.90, and is available for purchase at Watsons, Guardian, SaSa, John Little, Robinsons, BHG, OG, NTUC and Giant.

And in case any of you are wondering, I’m using #brenoverlays edited with Photoshop in this post.

Sponsored Review : Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm


If you suffer from chapped lips constantly and drinking more water doesn’t help, Mentholatum’s top selling lip balm in Japan, Deep Moist, might just be what you need! Deep Moist is well known in Japan for it’s premium hydrating ingredients at value pricing, as well as its elegant, ergonomic packaging design.



So, what goes into Deep Moist that makes it work?

  • Hyaluronic Acid, a premium ingredient that forms a smooth, moisture locking shield for softer, smoother lips.  It can hold 1000X its weight in water, or 6 litres of water with just 1g.
  • Shea Butter heals the skin, and gives a soft, pleasant texture to the lip balm.
  • Jojoba Oil gives pro-longed, whole day hydration to the lips.


Unlike other lip balms, Deep Moist comes in an innovative & unique oval-shaped container that fits the corners of the mouth well, making application as easy as a single swipe. No more lip balm beyond the lip line and blotched foundation near your lips!

TIP : Apply your lip balm before foundation/BB cream so accidental application of foundation on your lips can be cleaned up easily.

I have chapped lips most of the time no matter how much fluids I drink, so I’m glad Deep Moist does an excellent hydrating job. Check out the before and after shots!


My lips were instantly hydrated and looked much better with a slight sheen. The hydration lasts well through the day, and reapplication is only required after meals or perhaps if you spend all day in an air conditioned office.

I tried it and I love it, I’m sure you would too! xx

PS : This lip balm should be available at most pharmacies, but I know for sure that Watsons carries an extensive range of  Mentholatum’s products!

Sponsored Review : Asience New Leave-on Hair Treatment Range

Achieving beautiful hair that lasts all day is just a step away with the New ASIENCE Leave-On Hair Treatment range.


Containing ASIENCE’s exclusive Beauty Essences (Lotus Flower, Camellia Oil, Pearl and Shell Ginger Leaf), the range provides intensive repair and moisturises hair from within. Enhanced with a hair ‘veiling’ ingredient, ASIENCE’s advanced Moisture-Lock Complex retains moisture to give long-lasting smoothness and manageability, so you can flaunt those silky tresses at any moment, everyday!

asienceThe New ASIENCE Leave-On Hair Treatment range comes in three different options, from left to right :

Leave-on treatment oil, leave-on treatment water & leave-0n treatment milk.

The recommended usage for products in this range is to use on towel-dried or damp hair, and then blow dry. Or you can also let it dry naturally, but I feel that I actually get better results by blow drying.

treatment oilConcentrated yet non-oily, the leave-on treatment oil intensively repairs and retains moisture to keep hair glossy and healthy. I was a little skeptical about this one, considering it does feel oily when you first dispense it onto your palm, however, once you’ve worked it into your hair and blow dry, all you’re left with is soft hair without any greasy feeling whatsoever. Where did it go? Beats me, but it works, and that’s all we need to know! I use this mainly on the ends that are more prone to splits and dryness.

treatment waterLight as water, it instantly repairs and retains moisture without weighing your hair down.

Since this is a water-based formula, I wanted to see if it would work on overnight, unwashed hair, you know, for those days when you’re just too lazy to wash your hair before heading to the mall nearby or perhaps because you woke up late?


You can see the frizziness on the side that I did not spray on the treatment water, view the full sized photo and you’ll see a massive amount of fly-aways, less apparent on the side with the treatment water. This was taken about 5 minutes after application so the water was more or less worked in and my hair felt dry to the touch, I didn’t blow dry for this. Can you see the smoothness and general difference? The treatment water definitely gets my thumbs up for lazy days! :)

treatment milkNourishing yet non-greasy, it instantly repairs and retains moisture to keep hair beautifully soft and healthy. The leave-on treatment milk has the consistency and texture of a typical moisturiser, I usually use this for the bottom length of my hair.

So which one is the best treatment for your hair type? I’ve tried using just the treatment water alone, and also a combination of 2 products at once. But just so you know..

morninghairHere’s what my hair looks like in the morning. Naturally wavy, dry especially towards the ends, and noticeable frizzy.

20130425_150512_Fotor_20130511 copy

And here’s the result of using a combination of all 3 products. First I spray the water throughout my hair, concentrating more on the top. Then with the treatment milk, I work through mid-length to the ends. Finally I use the oil on the very ends of my hair that need more repairing, and blow dry! If you noticed from the earlier photo where I used the treatment water on unwashed hair, you’ll realise that the treatment actually straightens out my natural waves quite a bit. So how is it my hair looks so wavy in this photo? Easy! After blow drying my hair, I gather all my hair into a twirly bun and leave it for as long as possible, release and welcome a good hair day!


For easier comparison, here’s the before and after side by side, you can actually see how soft my hair is!

Do I recommend this range? Of course! I have also noticed that my hair doesn’t get as oily as it used to, especially if I’m out for long hours, by the time I get home, my hair still feels nice and soft and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Complement your hair care regime with this luxurious Leave-on Treatment that pampers your hair like no other, I am also using ASIENCE’s Inner Rich Shampoo.

ASIENCE leave-on hair treatment range retails at $14.90 each, and is available at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies. If you’d like to read more about the products in this range as well as usage tips, click on the link below. Let’s all enjoy good hair days, everyday! :)

>> Asience Leave-on Treatment Range <<

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.


I first came across XQUSIS in 2009, and most of my shoes have come from there since!

If you’re not convinced, check out all my past posts >> here <<

Recently I received two pairs of lovely shoes from XQUISIS, I am thinking of doing a giveaway since it’s my birthday month, so I thought I’d check if any of you girls are a size 39? If you are, do leave a comment under this post so I know if a giveaway is a good idea or not. The cutting is a little tight I reckon, so size 38s, count yourselves in on this!



The second pair of heels I got are these glittery “sky walkers”!

Perfect for those glammed up nights, you can dress up to the nines without burning a huge hole in your pocket!


Miumiu Style Glitter Mary Jane Pumps $36.90

They’re also available in a sweet bubblegum pink! Sweet yet chic!


I just checked out the latest additions in store and I have my eye on one too many pieces. So many pretty bags and heels!

But here are some of my favourites!


I am so in love with this Celine-inspired two way trapeze bag!

The color is a welcome change compared to the usual black, and for just $36.90, why not? I’m just guilt-trippin’ cause I already bought 4 new bags last week. A birthday present perhaps? :D

If you’re not so into colors, there is  an alternative black version of the bag with a textured finish.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 7.48.45 PM

Celine-inspired two way trapeze bag $33.90

 Classy for less? YES PLEASE!

Wave Trim Peeptoe Platform Stiletto Heels S$34.90

Available in pink and cream.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 1.13.20 AM

Transparent Anklet Heels $30.90

Available in hot pink, yellow and black.

Apart from my tiny selection here, you’ll find many varying options in store, whether you’re looking for a pair of ballet flats, wedges, party heels, boots or sandals, XQUISIS probably has it, at an affordable price no less. Got long feet? XQUISIS stocks certain designs up to size 43, so there’s definitely something for every pair of feet. :)

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.25.31 PM

Just for you!

Use code “FREEPOST” to enjoy FREE SHIPPING (normal/registered) with your purchase. Applicable for local (Singapore) orders only.


Sponsored Review : Liese Bubble Hair Color in Jewel Pink


I was really excited to try Liese’s new Bubble Hair Color in Jewel Pink, my mum asked if I was sure I wanted pink hair. I must admit I was excited and nervous, I did some googling beforehand and judging from other reviews, no one actually ended up with PINK hair…


My hair prior to the color session, photo taken indoors on a very sunny day!

20130329_221907_Fotor_20130424 copy


Bubbly, very bubbly. I’d say foamy but bubbly does sound cooler.


“I don’t recognise my hair…. It looks like a bee hive on my head.”

But seriously this foam really stays on your head. Walk, run, jump (if you dare) the foam is not going anywhere. No drips, no mess, I say yay anyday!

So, did I get pink hair? Well, unfortunately, no.

20130405_154839_Fotor_20130424 copy

Indoors with really strong sunlight, it just looks very brown. According to the product information, Jewel Pink would give you a shiny brown with a touch of pink. I can’t find even the tiniest hint of pink but I am loving the brown!

Photo on 16-4-13 at 6.04 PM #2

Here’s what it looks like when I’m sitting right next to the window with the sun in my face, or hair rather. I left the photo completely unedited (color/tone wise). I don’t think the color looks like that in normal light, this is probably just due to the extremely strong sun. It’s not noticeably pink so if you are going for full on pink hair, this color will disappoint you. But if you’re just looking for a nice brown that’s not over top then go ahead and give Jewel Pink a shot!

The things I must give kudos to tho, is the fact that after washing and conditioning with the treatment included, it doesn’t feel like I colored my hair at all! My hair was so soft and smooth! That, coupled with an easy, mess free application, I give Liese’s bubble hair color range the thumbs up! :)

Sponsored Advertorial : Nivea Body UV Whitening Cell Repair and Protect Serum SPF 25PA++

Whitening products are all the rage these days aren’t they? Everyone is buying whitening facial products in a bid to achieve Snow White skin, but, what about your body? Is it receiving the same amount of TLC?

When I was invited to review Nivea’s new UV Whitening Serum, I wasn’t expecting to receive a huge “tube” of moisturiser since by my knowledge, serums generally come in little glass vials that cost quite a bit. Priced at just $9.55, this 200ml tube packs a huge punch and a very sweet scent.


I wish there was such a thing as virtual “scratch and sniff” cause I fell in love with it at first whiff! This serum smells good enough to eat! Of course, you shouldn’t, but the things that go in to the serum are definitely good for you and your skin.


Camu camu and Acerola are both known for their extraordinary levels of vitamin C, and together with 95% Pure Vitamin C to penetrate deeply to repair and restore accumulated sun-damaged skin cells, your dull and dark skin is lightened. A powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin C reduces melanin production, and lightens your skin naturally.

Licorice extracts in the formulas stimulate the reduction of Melanin and uneven pigmentation within the deeper layers of the skin while advanced UVA and UVB filters found in all products within this range effectively protects skin from the attacks of harmful UV rays. Infused with Hydra IQ and Red Seaweed (“Irish Moss” I presume) to produce smooth, glowing and supple skin.


Similar to how whitening serums and essences work for your face, this innovation is a 14-day intensive whitening treatment for your body.  A new breakthrough in technology of whitening with a lightweight and deep absorption serum formula, this 1st ever body whitening serum comes with SPF25, offering daily sun protection against sun damage and skin darkening. NIVEA’s Body UV Whitening Serum helps you achieve visibly fairer, more radiant and even toned skin in 14 days.


The serum is extremely lightweight and absorbs very quickly, making for a no fuss, no mess, and non greasy application that leaves no sticky residue or white cast.


All you are left with is skin that’s thoroughly hydrated and refreshed.

Similar to how whitening serums and essences work for your face, this innovation is a 14-day intensive whitening treatment for your body.  A new breakthrough in technology of whitening with a lightweight and deep absorption serum formula, this 1st ever body whitening serum comes with SPF25, offering daily sun protection against sun damage and skin darkening. NIVEA’s Body UV Whitening Serum helps you achieve visibly fairer, more radiant and even toned skin in 14 days.


I’m definitely giving this two thumbs up! It has helped tremendously with my dry and occasionally flaky knees! ^_^

For those who don’t get a lot of direct sun exposure like myself, it doesn’t mean you cannot or shouldn’t use a whitening product. As they say prevention is better than cure, so treat your skin well and your skin will love you back! It’s better to prevent sun damage than to frown about it later on. The sun is there even if you don’t feel the heat burn through your skin and the sun has been scorching hot lately so slather on that serum before things get ugly!

For more information, check out

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