flower girl

you know how all these flower head bands are just SO HOT right now? especially with ruffled tops and dresses being the thing to be seen in, these floral head pieces add that amazing romantic, vintage, girly appeal!

i saw this online and was so tempted to buy it! it costs like USD$25 excluding shipping! if i add in shipping it’d be like USD$30 at least, which would work out to about SGD$50? i wouldn’t pay that much for a head band!!!


so… i made my own!

…and i’m thinking of selling them on the website too. at a much more affordable price of course! : )


it looks pretty much the same right?


anyway, it’s alive!

my electronic pet. the battery has been dead for yearsssss! and i think i only paid $3 for this one… it was from of those vending machines.. you know? you put in coins and turn the thing and something comes out? hahahaha


i have an electronic pet! i feel like such a kid… and ben’s going to THE PRODIGY tomorrow so i have the entire day to myself to wreck havoc however i please. hahahah! :P


i’m feeding my overflowing wardrobe

ruffles are it!

SEE, i love it so much i spent a good while making the photo prettier for the blog.

you can buy this ruffle top and the dress below from ConversationPcs.com

if you need help getting this cos you don’t have a paypal account,

drop me an email at jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com


Shanna Gold + Cream Dress

the moment i saw this dress, i fell in love with it.

so i am definitely getting this! it’s so classy-vintage! i like! :)



why do they have to come up with such adorable stuff that turns me into a shoppaholic devil? i’m still resisting this one… the sweater costs US$75! and that doesn’t even include the shipping costs… eeeeks.


i’m also eyeing this one on ConversationPcs! such a darling of a dress!

meanwhile, these are from fredflare too… UBER CUTE!



face the facts

picture-9 picture-11

I’ve been using St Ives Apricot Scrub for like the longest time! And i love that it’s gentle enough for daily use…. but for those who want a gentler scrub, simply use a facial wash together! Previously i tried using the scrub with The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash and it worked fab! it dilutes the scrub abit so it doesn’t feel so grainy on your skin.

i recently bought the Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish and tried using it with the scrub too, and i love it even more!

Its absolutely perfect for those early mornings when your skin (and you) need a serious wake up call! The fresh scent of zesty oranges refresh the senses in an instant! Plus, the vitamin C face polish brings out a nice glow too!

apricots and oranges?


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