Covet – Launched!

Does this look somewhat familiar? Something from 2012, perhaps? Well, you’re right! Due to the overwhelming response for this piece on Instagram, only orders placed here will be taken in.


This is 2013’s Covet. A variation of last year’s two piece exclusive zipper versions. This time I’ve given it a softer look, making it more suitable for everyday wear.


How to order?

Please leave a comment with your name, item you wish to purchase, preferred shipping method and most importantly, don’t forget to fill in the email field! Please be assured that your email address will not be published. Comments will be moderated and invoices will by sent out by tomorrow.

Covet is priced at $29, unless otherwise stated. This excludes shipping costs. $2 for regular mail, $4 for registered. (Prices all in SGD)



1. Covet in black/white $29 – 3 pieces ready to ship, no remakes.


2. Covet in black/white (AS-IS) $24 – ready to ship

Oops! This piece has been subjected to a little “rope burn”. Because it’s black, it’s not very noticable unless under close inspection. If you’re not too fussy, snag this AS-IS piece for $24.

<<< —— >>>

Need something to please the elder folk this coming Lunar New Year? This one definitely looks auspicious enough! They might just spare you the nagging about that black dress!


3. Covet in gold/red $29 – one piece ready to ship.

Notice how this piece hangs slightly differently? You can also request for this color combination to be done the same way as the above shown black version, please indicate accordingly when ordering. Only limited to 4 remakes!

Good luck and have a fab week ahead! xx

5 days into 2013.

Time flies really fast these days, too fast, perhaps?

It feels like just yesterday that we were preparing for Christmas, but the 12 days is almost over and we’re already 5 days in to the new year; not to mention it’s already the first weekend of 2013. Really?


I’ve been trying to make the most out of everyday. I want to live in such a way that, if my life were a novel, there won’t be a single boring day. Saturdays are meant for sleeping in just a wee bit longer. :)


“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.” Neil Gaiman, The Sandman vol.9: The Kindly Ones.

The transition from being in a hopeless holiday mood back to work is not an easy one, I’ve been trying to come up with new designs every day to beat the holiday bug. And if you haven’t heard, I’ll be launching The Perpetual Spring’s “Luxe Editions” next week! :)

My first paper flower bouquet is sitting pretty in my room, with a slight hint of Vera Wang’s “Princess” fragrance. Wouldn’t you want these in your home? They last a lot longer than fresh blooms, and have a softer, warmer feel than artificial flowers. Did I mention you can use them as fresheners with a tiny spritz of perfume? *grin


“Someday”, she said. “Someday, I’ll meet you in a pretty white dress & a bouquet of pastel flowers in my hand.”

A league above paper bouquets, the satin blooms. I’ve wanted to go into weddings since like forever. It’d be great if I could use my own wedding as a try out but no, not anytime soon for me. If you know anyone who needs anything at all for a wedding, and would like to try something different from store bought bouquets, please feel free to drop me an email. (

Corsages, bridal bouquets, money boxes, ring pillows, floral hair accessories for the bridesmaids, I’d love to try them all! Really!

Teal bouquets for a Tiffany-themed wedding, perhaps?


We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved.” – Brandi Snyder

This week tons of stuff arrived for me! (Partly cos I’ve been OD-ing on retail therapy) My latest online order from Cotton On, sponsored products from Bioré and Organix, and then there was this mysterious package that was oddly light. To my absolute surprise, it was a bunny from one of my regular customers, Ronelle.


The package arrived when I was working on this fabric flower, so naturally I had to pin it on the bunny for a snapshot!


She even wrote me a thank you note; to be honest I was on the verge of tearing. It’s just the little things like these, you know? It makes you feel like you are actually appreciated for what you do, even if someone else doesn’t. There will always be people who will stand behind you and be that push you need sometimes, there are people who will always have faith in you even when you’re at your lowest. We just need to believe it, and more importantly, believe in ourselves.

To others it might be just a stuffed toy, but it’s really the thought and the effort that counts. I guess working doubly hard through the festive period to meet all those orders paid off after all. Which reminds me of another bunch of customers, but I’ll save that for later. I’m just thankful to have such warm customers to work with.

LOVE YOU ALL! And for that I promise even more awesome stuff in 2013! :)


The harshness that is the reality of life. Admit it, we’ve all felt hopeless at some point. If you noticed, Snowy’s heavy paws actually do a pretty good job keeping the page down! Who said stuffed toys are only for kids, huh?


And of course, Fifi. Resident cutie pie and my “in-house model”, occasionally. What a face, I still wish toys could come alive. Oh, imagine all the fun we’d have! Imaginary friends, they never leave.

2013 has been pretty good so far I reckon, apart from stabbing my finger yesterday and burning myself two days ago, everything else is looking rather peachy. I’ll be doing another post soon about how to get the most out of your shopping, DIY style. Now let me go hunt down some new shoes to match all my new threads! Later! xx

What’s the deal with “The Girl Next Door”?

Over the past few weeks, my Instagram feed has gone crazy becos of one thing, The Girl Next Door. So….. What exactly is the deal with this girl next door? Who is she?

Well, it’s not exactly a girl but it is what I named one of my designs. The Girl Next Door. The Girl Next Door isn’t someone who is obsessed with shiny rocks, but instead down to earth and accessible, although at times charming to the point of being slightly intimidating to others… (According to Wikipedia)

It started with this, the very first piece. I never imagined I’d be making subsequent versions of it but as it turns out, I’m currently at version 4.

What I called, “the very pink version”. This was snapped up quick that I totally forgot to take a proper photo of it myself. So I “stole” this photo off Instagram from one of my customers who found a really cute way to display her necklace. According to her, “necklace in the day, decor by night”, thanks for this amazing photo Si Min! :)

When I exhausted all my pink fabric, I decided to cut up a whole piece of stripey fabric I bought awhile back, and created version 3! I didn’t have much fabric to go around for this color combination since there were only that many lines of pink from the entire piece of fabric.

And what did I do with the rest of the fabric? The blue and off white stripes went into version 4!

This is currently the only version still available for purchase by remake, the slots are filling up fast tho, you might want to pop into the store to try to secure a remake slot!

I hope to be able to restock some of the fabric I have run out of to make remakes available for the previous sold out versions, but! No promises just yet. If that fails, you can be sure to look forward to seeing many more versions of The Girl Next Door! :)

Have a fantastic weekend ya’ll! The countdown to 2013 begins.


What are your dreams made of?

My latest drawing, that of a dreamcatcher.

A dreamcatcher may filter out bad dreams for us, but our mind absorbs everything that it’s fed. The positive, the negative, the in-betweens, everything; unless.. You let only the good thoughts pass. Everyday, we’re surrounded by all sorts of negativity, whether we let it shape who we are is what’s important. People can feed you all sorts of negative energy, BUT it’s your choice whether you let it get to you.

Just like how you are what you eat, you also become what you think about.

On a lighter note, some new pieces that will be added to the store this week. I have handmade these mini dreamcatchers from sratch, down to the hoops. Feathers are hand-cut from cow leather so Muslims, you can rock these too.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more updates, @jeaninegabrielle

Have an awesome Sunday! ♥

Prints & Florals

Cat print laptop case used as clutch & watercolor floral dress by To Love Kuvaa. Both from ASOS.

Something new I’ve been working on. Taking florals up a notch! I’m in love with this piece that I managed to finish today, still contemplating on whether the chain is too bold, but then again, I like bold. Bold is good.

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Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore! And to fellow Singaporeans, enjoy the long weekend! (At least for those who managed to snag a day off.)

Red velvet cupcakes, anyone? These little cuties are a tiny 1.5cm by 2cm small! See more of my creations and my latest clay pieces as anti-dust caps here —>> Jeanine Gabrielle on Facebook

PS : The first and second cupcakes have already found their loving owners!

•   •   •   •   •

For those of you who haven’t caught wind of the latest news, our dear sir, former PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew is alive and well! Dispelling various week long rumours about his health. It truly was a moment of relief for Singaporeans all over.

Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal.

flower girl

This dress is so pretty it deserves a post on its own! Got it from ASOS a couple months back but didn’t get the chance (and occasion) to wear it until I attended a gala dinner last weekend. Finally it saw the world.

Now I’m anticipating the next time I can prance around in this again…..

In other news, I’ve added new pieces and updated sales items in The Perpetual Spring Collection in store, pop in for some fresh blooms! :)

shop The Perpetual Spring Collection ▼

Fresh Blooms…

I must say, “Pretty as a bride” is one of my favourite bouquets, I’ve received a couple of requests recently for remakes of this sophisticated bouquet that is handmade with satin flowers and faux pearls. “Pretty as a bride” is now available in a new shade, “Nude Blush”.

Remakes of versions 0.1 and 0.2 in ivory are available upon request at $49 and $39 respectively. Feel free to drop me an email enquiry for remakes/customisations/purchasing :

▲  shop the perpetual spring collection ▼


In a cupcake.

In the past week, Robin has out-blogged me! Time for updates! :)  I’ll blog about my twenty seventh birthday proper in a later post, but here are some snippets!

Our all time favourite cupcakes! I’ve been baking these ever since I first laid hands on the recipe, they turn out amazing every time. I decided to bake two batches this time, the usual blueberry cream cheese & a strawberry variation with more cream cheese & a surprise jam centre.

I’m so proud of these, but they were Robin’s idea.

DIY-ed moustache straws! Best part is, the moustaches are reusable & make a great take home gift for your friends! Cutting them individually and making them look cute does take a bit of time & effort but trust me, it was well worth it!

A sneak peek at what’s coming up at!

A french toast wearing a moustache? How cute is that? Plus new moustache earstuds! See them in store soon!

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More blooms in store…

I’ve added new designs to the Perpetual Spring Collection!

Expect to be greeted by more structured blooms necklaces & bold spring florals.

Structured blooms in black leather. Only one piece available. (Unless I manage to get my hands on more black leather…) This is an effortless piece that will match your outfits with ease! Afterall, you can always trust a classic black.

One remake of structured blooms in black/plum is currently instock! Please note that remakes may vary slightly in size and shape.

I’ve got tons of other new designs coming up very soon, but for now I am calling it a night! If you’ve already “liked” my Facebook page, you’ll be able to see the sneaks! If you are not already a fan, check out the page >>> here!

Goodnight! xx

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