i’m feeding my overflowing wardrobe

ruffles are it!

SEE, i love it so much i spent a good while making the photo prettier for the blog.

you can buy this ruffle top and the dress below from ConversationPcs.com

if you need help getting this cos you don’t have a paypal account,

drop me an email at jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com


Shanna Gold + Cream Dress

the moment i saw this dress, i fell in love with it.

so i am definitely getting this! it’s so classy-vintage! i like! :)



why do they have to come up with such adorable stuff that turns me into a shoppaholic devil? i’m still resisting this one… the sweater costs US$75! and that doesn’t even include the shipping costs… eeeeks.


i’m also eyeing this one on ConversationPcs! such a darling of a dress!

meanwhile, these are from fredflare too… UBER CUTE!



Jeanine on TiniEyes.com


here are some of the photos from the shoot i recently did for TiniEyes! Check out the website and grab these great apparels before they sell out!

picture-17jamie (left) jeanine – me (right)


picture-131reaching for the stars!





there’s much more on the website so go check out TiniEyes.com today!

plus! the accessories you see us wearing in the photo are all from my website, jeaninegabrielle.com


the inevitable shopping spree!

i can’t stop myself from shopping… it’s bad i know but i just can’t help it…

i soooo wanted to get this dress from river island. it’s so pretty! costs a whopping $183 tho! :)

the details on the fabric are awesome, somewhat like brocade? but mummy said i’d only wear such a dress once… plus she isn’t a fan of anything black like that… but seriously, it’s pretty right? in true fact, i’ll probably only wear it once… and paying $183 to wear something once isn’t really worth it.. right?


oh well, i still did buy a dress tho!

this one i found in topshop. and it costs $129! quite standard for a dress from topshop i reckon. since i got a michelle lowe dress from topshop some years ago…

this one’s cute and flouncy! is there even such a word? haha!