Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.


I first came across XQUSIS in 2009, and most of my shoes have come from there since!

If you’re not convinced, check out all my past posts >> here <<

Recently I received two pairs of lovely shoes from XQUISIS, I am thinking of doing a giveaway since it’s my birthday month, so I thought I’d check if any of you girls are a size 39? If you are, do leave a comment under this post so I know if a giveaway is a good idea or not. The cutting is a little tight I reckon, so size 38s, count yourselves in on this!



The second pair of heels I got are these glittery “sky walkers”!

Perfect for those glammed up nights, you can dress up to the nines without burning a huge hole in your pocket!


Miumiu Style Glitter Mary Jane Pumps $36.90

They’re also available in a sweet bubblegum pink! Sweet yet chic!


I just checked out the latest additions in store and I have my eye on one too many pieces. So many pretty bags and heels!

But here are some of my favourites!


I am so in love with this Celine-inspired two way trapeze bag!

The color is a welcome change compared to the usual black, and for just $36.90, why not? I’m just guilt-trippin’ cause I already bought 4 new bags last week. A birthday present perhaps? :D

If you’re not so into colors, there is  an alternative black version of the bag with a textured finish.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 7.48.45 PM

Celine-inspired two way trapeze bag $33.90

 Classy for less? YES PLEASE!

Wave Trim Peeptoe Platform Stiletto Heels S$34.90

Available in pink and cream.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 1.13.20 AM

Transparent Anklet Heels $30.90

Available in hot pink, yellow and black.

Apart from my tiny selection here, you’ll find many varying options in store, whether you’re looking for a pair of ballet flats, wedges, party heels, boots or sandals, XQUISIS probably has it, at an affordable price no less. Got long feet? XQUISIS stocks certain designs up to size 43, so there’s definitely something for every pair of feet. :)

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.25.31 PM

Just for you!

Use code “FREEPOST” to enjoy FREE SHIPPING (normal/registered) with your purchase. Applicable for local (Singapore) orders only.


…what we know

We find comfort in the past where everything is familiar, but it has passed. The future is paved with uncertainty, but with that comes new experiences. What’s done cannot be altered, so don’t look back; but instead, mold the future ahead.

black bodycon maxi – topshop || lace embroidery detail blazer – tracyeinny || black envelope clutch – xquisis

the weekend bee.

i get lazy when it comes to dressing up sometimes, mainly cos… i have way too much clothes to choose from. i know it’s not something i should be complaining about but it can be a real pain in the arse especially when you’re in a rush. to solve that, i have a couple of “fool-proof” outfits put together, this being one of them, and i’ll pick a cardigan that suits the day’s mood.

this outfit took me to town for dinner with 2/3 of the family. don’t mind my unruly hair, it happens a lot these days since i’m letting my bangs grow out and i don’t always want to pin it back. i get the inkling that i might actually chop them short again before they reach the desirable length.

don’t forget to check the sidebar for blog perks from Xquisis! ——–>>>

saturday ♥

i fell asleep after managing to blog a post last night. i just closed my eyes for abit and the next thing i knew it was 6 in the morning… unread text messages, fb chats, i barely managed to sleep my lappie before i crashed again.

and then i woke to a chain of whatsapp messages and then, a phone call. clara was nearby and wanted to swim sooooo, i dragged myself out of bed, had lunch and we spent the whole afternoon by the pool and in it a quarter of the time.

time to get a little summer color on my skin…

oh well, as usual, i get hungry after swimming so we decided to whip up some yummies… and i ended up teaching clara how to make scrambled eggs. it’s really easy! if you’re not convinced, watch this! :)

ps : the only thing she could cook before this was maggie mee. that’s one item to add to the “what i can cook” list babe!

seeeee! the eggs turned out fab! anyone can make scrambled eggs! and clara said it tastes better than mcdonalds! yummmmmmmm :)

was contemplating heading out to soul cos so many of my friends will be there, but i’m feeling so bummed from all that chlorine and sun. i think i’m gonna chill out at home and turn in early tonight… i’m checking out h&m’s online store & it’s making me really anxious. i can’t wait for the store to open here in singapore, like FINALLY! how have we been surviving without h&m? i actually have a couple of items in my shopping cart (don’t ask me why, it’s not like they ship internationally… they don’t, right?) who wants to be nice and get me some h&m? *chuckles

i also can’t wait to get my hands on these two items i ordered from the closet lover! i’ve had my eyes on that marc jacobs-inspired dress for the longest time! those of you who have been reading my blog would know that i used to model for them, and i must say, the stuff they’re bringing in just gets better & better! well done girls! :)

okay, mummy’s calling for durian time! after which i’m gonna go dig through my wardrobe & look for outfit inspirations for next week.. that is if, i can stop shopping online for shoes at xquisis. i’ve been wearing my miu miu inspired crystal heels a lot and everyone loves them! (see sidebar for blog promo!)

happy sunday in advance! muaaaaaaaa ♥

black & teal

my outfit for the wedding yesterday evening at marina mandarin. sorry it’s not a very good photo, this was when we got home and it was like past 11 and i was deaddddd tired and ready to fall asleep… mummy isn’t quite used to taking photos of my outfits for me. and we didn’t take photos at the wedding! :(

the dress and the heels turned quite a few heads, and they’re really easy to walk in, don’t be fooled by the height! our long time family doctor actually came up to me and said..”you look so pretty.” geeeeeeee *blush definitely wearing this outfit again…

if you’re considering snagging those catty heels from Xquisis, don’t forget to mention “Jeanine” when placing your order to enjoy free shipping with any two items purchased. i’m already contemplating getting the other designs from the same range… :P

gotta run! ♥ jean

Cos I'm Happy Like That!

What is the one thing that will never fail to make any girl happy?


this is probably just a fraction of the stuff i’ve gotten in the past week or two… new BB silicone cases, a new watch from Aldo, fred perry e-mook bag…

The nautical bag, H & M-inspired wedges and bling bling flats are proudly sponsored by XQUISIS!

PS: Love bags & shoes? Mention “JEANINE” when ordering from XQUISIS to enjoy FREE SHIPPING with ANY TWO items purchased.

I’m a happy bunny :)

Head over Heels…

…in love with HEELS!

heels usually hurt my feet cos i have insanely flat feet, but the new pairs i’ve been buying lately seem to be a little more forgiving thanks to their raised fronts…

here’s the newest addition to my heels collection proudly sponsored by XQUISIS! I wore them to the Maybelline Power In You roadshow last weekend with my dress from ClubCouture :)

totally love the snakeskin look! who could tell that these only cost $31.90 a pair? and i love how they elongate my otherwise short legs!

as much as heels make us feel more confident, our poor feet and legs need a breather every once in a while… to stay grounded yet keep the glam factor, XQUISIS has manufactured these really pretty bling bling flats in silver and black using grade A “diamonds” that won’t turn yellow over time!

i think these go fab with flowy maxi dresses… and they’re great to throw in your bag when you hit the clubs just in case your heels hurt your feet too much! and they’re just $24.90 a pair!

In conjuction with the Great Singapore Sale, mention “Jeanine” when placing your order to enjoy 5% off with any two items purchased (bags/shoes), excluding sales items + free shipping during the month of June! :)

grab your girlfriends and start shopping for some new bags and shoes!

love, jean

Advertorial : Little Miss Organised.

you have to leave home in a hurry, but you need a bag change cos the bag you used yesterday doesn’t match today’s outfit… so you throw everything into today’s bag and run out of the house… the next thing you know, you’re digging for your pen, your ipod, your phone, the other side of your earrings… and you start wondering how many things fell onto your bed instead.

frustrating ain’t it?

which is why someone invented Bag Organisers! what would we do without them?

sure, most bags have phone compartments, but that’s not enough for a bag girl…

date book, check. pens, check. wet tissues, check. blackberry, check. ipod, check. ear piece, check. shades, check!

you’ll know exactly where everything is from a bird’s eye view!

bag organisers makes switching bags a breeze! just take the whole thing out of yesterday’s bag and plonk it into today’s! you won’t miss out any small items anymore, and it saves alot of time as compared to transferring one item at a time.

unlike most bag organisers i have seen that are built in a rectangular shape, this particular bag organiser from XQUISIS is “freeform”, so it’ll fit any bag shape and size. making it perfect for those bucket bags. plus, it’s slim and practically weightless, but oh so functional!

it’s got a whole lot of different slots for pens, note books, etc.

a flap compartment to stash your girly necessities,

or a change of accessories for the night’s party!

this bag organiser is available at XQUISIS for just $10.90.

i’m also in love with all the shoes that they bring in!

i got a pair of the “Jolie Velvet Heels” which i wore for the Globetrotter music video shoot!

these Louboutin inspired heels even spot the signature red base! get them for a very affordable price of $26.90!

Preorder for heels and flats at Xquisis open till 30th April! (I’m already eyeing about 3 pairs myself…)

don’t forget to make use of the FREE SHIPPING deal! :)

love, jean

Advertorial : 10% off storewide at Xquisis!

here’s another exclusive offer for all of you who read my blog!

Xquisis is now offering a limited time offer of 10% off + FREE SHIPPING on all regular priced bags and shoes!

but hurry! cos this offer is only valid till the 15th of January 2010.

Just make sure you mention “Jeanine” when placing your order to enjoy the discount :)

here’s a bag i got from the latest collection!

hello bear! isn’t he such a darling? sometimes i take him off and hang him on my other bags!

plus the bag comes with a long adjustable and detachable strap. a must have! the bag comes in black too.

while you’re at Xquisis, don’t forget to check out this pair of Kate Moss-inspired studded flats!

click here to start shopping now!

love, jean

Advertorial : XQUISIS

exactly a week ago, madeline of XQUISIS sent me some really awesome stuff! :)

i totally LOVE the bag cos it’s really chanel-esque and pretty roomy. i was pre-warned that the 4 chains on the bag were heavy but i still love it! i also got the cream colored espadrilles!

XQUISIS manufactures their own shoes and i’m already eyeing a couple of items from the new collection launching tomorrow, THURSDAY at 10pm.

remember to mention “jeanine” when placing your orders to enjoy FREE SHIPPING with any 2 bags purchased, and enjoy 30% off when you buy 3 bags! you know what that means… round up the girlfriends and shop away! although with all the pretty bags Madeline has in store that are priced so affordably, i could easily buy 3 bags for myself!

What’s more, with Christmas coming up and so little time to spare,

Madeline will gift wrap your bags for FREE! :)

click here to start bagging bags and putting something pretty on your feet!

love, jean

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