mad reductions!

my favourite WILDFOX tees are all on SALE!

guys, there’s tons in store for you!

Massive Outfit currently carries Rocksmith, New Era, Armory, Scifen & Serye

excited much?

( click here to start shopping at Massive Outfit! )

ps : although paypal is the only accepted mode of payment stated on the website, local bank transfers are accepted too! just drop them an email!

love, jean


so ben did something out of the ordinary yesterday… i was supposed to pick up my new WILDFOX tee, from MASSIVE OUTFIT but i was too busy and i wanted to wear it to butter later today… ben booked out of camp last night and he actually went all the way to bedok from pasir laba to pick up my tee!

“HIGHLY SUSPECT!” (Remember ratatouille?)

anyway, i’m still wondering… cos he seldom does such things, especially if he’s just out of camp… weird… but oh well, here’s the new addition to my WILDFOX collection!

thanks Keng How for the very pretty tee! :)

and yes, that’s ben behind the bow…

there’s still another one i’m eyeing tho…

hmmmmmm, this would make a much appreciated birthday present… haha!

okay, i need to finish up as much work as i can before we party tonight. just one night, then it’s really time to get SERIOUS!

toodles! :)

Jeanine Loves WILDFOX

i’m wearing the WILDFOX Wonderland tee in Dirty White S$88

These WILDFOX tees match the prices on the Official Wildfox site, but, you don’t pay hefty international shipping charges!

in addition to free local delivery, you get 5% off!

how’s that for a great deal? so what are you waiting for?

go to MASSIVE OUTFIT and put together your shopping list,

then mail them to me at

love, jean


…the very much awaited girl’s line from

MASSIVE OUTFIT has finally arrived.

presenting tees from…

these tees are great for pairing with leggings and heels! with their cute, and quirky prints, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

(i know i am…)

these are my favourites!

so while i try to decide which piece i want….


and GUYS, start buying the girls some wild tees for Christmas! (MAJOR HINT!)

ps : payments by paypal, credit card. If you’d like to make a purchase by bank transfer, just drop me a mail and let me handle it for you! :)

love, jean

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