…remember i said our brain really controls everything?

well, i got through the entire week perfectly fine. why?

cos i told myself ben wouldn’t be able to call, not becos he doesn’t want to… but becos he can’t. somehow i manage to block out emotions that way… and then the whole of friday was crazy! why?

cos i knew ben was gonna be back from field camp, but i didn’t know what time so i was really jumpy all day… then it started to get late… and 9-ish would be the normal time he calls… but until like 1130 my phone was still silent! but yea, he called in the end :)

i’m so glad field camp is over… i mean, that’s probably the worst part of BMT right? a whole week apart? i’m just so glad that now we can say…

we’ve done it!

but come to think about it, anticipation can really drive you bonkers.

so, don’t anticipate!

anyways, meet my latest panda addition! :)


isn’t he such a sweetheart?

he’s realllllly tiny! he’s about 1.5cm?  this is officially the tiniest panda i have in my collection now! can’t wait to show ben later :)

speaking of which, i’ll probably be out all day… so here are some sneaks of what’s new cos i got new supplies all the way from the USA earlier in the day!

IMG_1969 IMG_1922

IMG_1944 IMG_1948

i loveeeeeeeee the wedding chapel ring! there’s just something about it that is so so cute. this piece is mine! haha!

ppssssttt : even the paper i use as background is imported from the USA! lol! cos i’ve given up on looking for pretty paper here! those are just a fraction of the new stuff i came up with. i’ve got new bottlecap and scrabble tile rings! and more chanel!

BUT! for now, my eyes are shutting. i really want to wake up and go to pasir ris to see ben but i really doubt i can wake up. if i do… well it just means i’ll be zombified all day. grrrrrr…

oh yeaaa one last thing before i sign off… mummy’s laksa.


i’m not a laksa fan but ben will probably scream when he sees this. i hate the leaves… ppffttt.

goodnight! -xoxo

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