Days off with the boy! Friday at Ski360degree

The weather in Singapore has been so unpredictable of late with strong sun in the early afternoon to thunderstorms in the evening, so we were really lucky to have enjoyed half a day of fantastic sun last Friday at the Cable Park!


Ski360degree at East Coast Park Singapore


The boy with his new North Gambler 2014 from North Kiteboarding.



I totally forgot to snap a shot of the underside while we were there, here’s the board when it was still in Hua Hin with the North Kiteboarders.


It’s no wonder why Robin loves this board, I secretly fell in love with it too when I saw it for the first time! It has that Andy Warhol vibe. Maybe one day I’ll get to ride it..


I had initially intended to try out with a wakeboard but the staff suggested I use the Easyup board since it was my first time at cable. I tried a few times with this board with not much luck, after countless falls and swimming back to the dock, I didn’t have enough energy left to justify paying another $5 for a wakeboard. Cable ski indeed proved to be a lot harder than I expected. It’s been over 10 years since I last went wakeboarding, so I’m pretty much back to square one in terms of technique but the pulling force of the cable shouldn’t be underestimated! We met a couple of wakeboarders there and they all said the same thing, it is a lot harder to grasp than a water start behind a boat. Really proud of Robin for getting up so quickly! ♥_♥

 At the end of the day I came to the conclusion that I’m totally unfit and the past few days (and counting) of severely sore muscles confirm it. Time to hit the gym if I am ever going to attempt kiteboarding so I can get out on the water with Robin!

Happy snaps!



Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 8.17.09 pm

I resigned to being his photo girl, and ended up having tons of fun putting my Samsung Galaxy Camera to the test for real since I wasn’t able to in Hua Hin due to not so fair weather. After our two hour run was up we hung around for a bit and ended up making friends with a couple who was on a flight layover post-honeymoon! Here’s JT landing an air raley!


This GIF is made up of 54 screenshots from the video below. Yes I succeeded in making a .gif, does that make me a tech geek? No? Okay.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera did amaze me though, considering I had the zoom at 16-21X most of the time, the video footages were pretty good and I managed to get some nice screen captures too. Can’t wait to shoot more videos when Robin progresses to jumps and ramps!


The sun, sand and sea, until next time…


Check out Robin’s Kitesurfing blog when you are done here! He beat me to blogging about Ski360! :)

Toodles! xx

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