the official tweet ♥

let these birdie rings take you into the weekend!

IMG_2319 IMG_2325

left : the official tweet $14

i’m just a little bird who wants to follow you… will you take me home? tweeeet?

right : the black bird $12

hand drawn black bird on a hot pink tile of wood measuring 1.8cm x 2cm

more new stuff!

IMG_2323 IMG_2352

left : the butterfly effect $12

hand drawn black butterfly on a hot pink tile of wood measuring 1.8cm x 2cm

right : set of three hand drawn pins $16

includes a pistol, hello kitty and soda

my new plushies! 100% hand sewn with love :)

IMG_2328 IMG_2348

left : sleepy saydie plush keyring $20

saydie measures 6cm from beak to tail and is attached to a keyring

right : baby ele plush pin $18

baby ele measures a mere 5cm across and stands at 3.5cm tall and has a pin on his other side.

on a side note, i’m totally loving the doodles used as a photo “backdrop”. aren’t you?

it’s fridayyyyyyyyyy!


…coming soon – updated 3rd july

hey girls!

i’ll be putting up this lot of stuff TONIGHT, it will be a seperate post which i am putting together…


ps : the crystal logo bangle is out of stock already, so it will not be up for sale. sorry girls! :(

magpiestuds pigeonbanglepinkpearlribbon chanelhalfpearl chanelbangle bluepearlribbon

if you don’t want to miss these new additions, be sure to keep checking back over the next two weeks…

can you tell?

i’m going through a massive TWITTER & CHANEL craze.

cos you girls are influencing me! grrrrrrrrrr

ps : if you’re interested in any of these items, do let me know! cos there won’t be more than 2 pieces of any item that i’m bringing in.

UPDATED : 28th June 1pm

GIRLS! tell you what, if you are really interested in purchasing, please leave your name and which item you want to purchase. then when the stock actually arrives we’ll work on a “who can make payment first basis”. okay? there’ll be more stuff than just this… so, check back soon! hopefully i’ll get them by next week!


weekend muses!


left : *exclusive! bejewelled $26

a pretty mix of purples, gold and teal… weekend perfect i say!

right : *exclusive! fancy houndstooth $16

this modest piece will take you from a week in the office to weekends at the mall, adding a chic look to any outfit!

june09-tweeet june09-theonetruelove

left : tweeet! S$12 – by remake only

inspired by the twitter bird, this little tweeet will have your friends tweeeting all weekend!

right : the one true love S$15

catch that hottie’s attention with this conversation starter…

could he be the one true love you’ve been waiting for?

june09-pimpmyridepimp my ride! S$7

fancy a ride? this quirky keyring will perk up any bunch of keys!

the boys will love this one too!

june09-blurpins IMG_4718

left : set of four BLUR bottlecap brooches S$12

handmade with bottlecaps and cut outs

right : cuts both ways S$5

this quirky double dagger brooch will make an interesting edition to a blazer…

not recommended for work, of course.


and this…. is the super mini version of “i bleed for chanel” it’s the size of a 10 cent coin!

remakes available at $20 each.

june09-domoholder june09-tickets

left : domo ipod nano / card holder $22

handsewn with love! fits an ipod nano or a stack or cards… comes ipon nano ready with a hole for threading your earpiece!

right : tickets please! $12 {sold}

a quirky card case with vintage carnival tickets to boot!

june09-clue2 june09-clue1

*exclusive! CLUE card case S$12

made from used CLUE game sheets, sewn together with plastic sheets, this is one card holder you’re gonna love showing off!

more updates soon, i’ll be off to update the website proper now!