Greenwood Fish Market Bistro (via cinnamonsin)

…the mentally corrupted foodies’ latest food escapade!

disclaimer :
i will not be responsible should you feel a sudden urge to head down to greenwood and order everything on the menu.

that said, enjoy!

Greenwood Fish Market Bistro ED: Bukit Timah is a beautiful and tranquil place to be at night but around the corner is a little avenue by the name of greenwood which is buzzing with quietly elegant sounds of chattering laughter, clattering cutlery and clinking wine glasses. I myself am buzzing with nail biting anticipation of awesomeness. That’s right, Greenwood Fish Market Bistro is home to the freshest cold water fish and seafood from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA an … Read More

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Poached Egg On Toast With Fetta Cheese Salsa And Tangy Tuna (via cinnamonsin)

while mummy chose to watch her korean dramas before preparing lunch (and it was already 2pm), look what ed whipped up for himself! I refreshed my inbox and this post, along with photos of the most perfect poached egg i’ve ever seen stared me straight in the face… talk about depressing…

this is really turning into a love/hate thing… pppfftttt

Poached Egg On Toast With Fetta Cheese Salsa And Tangy Tuna ED: When I’m hungry, my instincts take over, and I’d go hunting for food. I’d prowl around the dinning table, into the kitchen, rummaging through kitchen cabinets and the fridge like a crazed scavenger. Sometimes I’d chance upon a lifeless box of packed food on the table, a deep threatening growl escapes my stomach, but that’s not what my delicate tummy hungers for. It hungers FRESH FOOD. So this predator decided to cook something with what ever … Read More

via cinnamonsin

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