friday night.

I have two blog reviews due tomorrow, Butter tonight for Robin’s birthday and brunch at Sauce on Sunday before church. Either I finish both posts today or………. Actually, I don’t really have much of a choice now, do I?

Was trying to blog one of two reviews last night, but I ended up having a tad too much wine and I just wanted to go to bed. Been losing lots of sleep lately, and I know exactly who is to blame. :)

At least I finished his Arthur. xx

Where is Arthur now?

I took Arthur the tiger cat out with me on saturday evening to see the world. He was abducted shortly after dinner.

Soon, photos of Arthur started popping up on Instagram…

First spotted checking out the saturday night crowd at Zouk,

And then getting kisses all around at Butter with Eugene & Mimi.

The question is, “Where is Arthur now?”

See more of Arthur soon! When I get more “hostage photos”, or when he actually comes back home. Never thought I’d have a rock star cat, he lives the way we live. For those of you who don’t know yet, Arthur is a stuffed cat toy I made the other day. After having him for a night, he was kidnapped by Mimi and is currently under her “nanny care”.



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