A night out with Coach…

Just a couple of random snaps from “A night out with Coach” a couple weeks back.

OOTD : Daisy set from The Juice Market / Knit from Topshop / Jeffery Campbell-inspired boots from Xquisis

Straw clutch from one of my online hauls from Cotton On, Rubi. Believe it or not I was so lucky to have snagged it for just $5! The blue eyed fox bag charm is handmade by me. Totally blends in with the clutch like they were made for each other.

The Madison Collection. I was quite tempted, but decided in the end the bag itself is pretty weighty, by the time I put all my stuff in there it’s going to weigh a ton. Therefore $1k is safe.

$610 for the tan satchel if I remember correctly. It’s a reasonable price for Coach, but thinking over, who would even know it’s Coach? As much as I was really thinking about this one, I’ve seen similar-looking bags selling for under $50.

Feast your eyes on candy colored wristlets.. and…

Coolest store guy ever. :)

And what do you know, the weekend has come and gone, AGAIN! Have a great week ahead ya’ll! It’s going to be another crazy week for me. Laters! xx

Picking the right knit!

Are knits really suitable for our hot weather? Well, yes, if you pick the right one. Afterall, we don’t get snow here and the only time a thick knit would be appropriate would be on a cold rainy day… Are we getting sucked in to fall fashion and buying knits just cos it’s the season’s must have? Maybe. You might want to keep these in mind when buying a knit to avoid an impulse buy!

♥ Is it too thick for our weather? Remember, thick knits also occupy A LOT of wardrobe space!

♥ How often do you think you will get to wear it?

♥ Does it compliment the other pieces in your wardrobe?

I personally like pieces that are versatile, I have to dark blue knit from Topshop which I actually modified slightly. I don’t just use it as a cardigan, but becos it is light and open front, I can just wrap it around my neck when the temperature doesn’t call extra warmth. Sometimes it makes more sense than having a shawl that is too long and has to be wrapped around your neck twice. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it if we HAD winter, but the fact is, we don’t.

I got this from Forever21 for $27! Nice and comfy with subtle gold threads woven in. :)

love, jean

…what we know

We find comfort in the past where everything is familiar, but it has passed. The future is paved with uncertainty, but with that comes new experiences. What’s done cannot be altered, so don’t look back; but instead, mold the future ahead.

black bodycon maxi – topshop || lace embroidery detail blazer – tracyeinny || black envelope clutch – xquisis

tribal sunday.

tribal print maxi dress : cotton on | denim cropped jacket : topshop – moto | watch : marc by marc jacobs | rings : topshop & miss selfridge | nails : OPI dim sum plum NL H44

weekend highlights – ice cream & alcohol. i also caved and bought new earphones and replacement ear tips; but still…

i need to fix this void; it’s making me stupid and i don’t like it.

ebony & ivory

hope i have time to go down to topshop to get this black dress today… or maybe tomorrow.. i tried a size 10 cos that was the only one left at raffles. it’s hugeeee! so i got them to check for smaller sizes. the staff at raffles city were supposed to call me after they confirmed the reservation at ion but they haven’t called since monday? they better still have the dress! hmpfff :/

it might take a bit of getting used to tho, i’m hardly ever so prim & proper.. but i did buy this!

definitely packing this for KL. lol

nicole was wearing it the other day and i fell in love with it. been looking for something like that for like, forever and i finally got it! a tad pricey for $93 tho haha! shhhhhhh.

post-shopping food coma, mimi & i ordered 2 soups, 2 side dishes, and i had green curry with rice. talk about being hungry. (go imagine) anyway, try the watermelon & lime drink at thai express! it’s awesome! now i don’t know which i like more, this or the raspberry smoothie from dunkin’ donuts. hmmmm

Win Tickets to The Style Scouts Finals Showcase!

I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway to the Style Scouts Finals Party this Saturday 14th May at Topshop Knightsbridge. This is an exclusive, by invite only party and you get to shop with a storewide 20% off plus take home cool polaroid shots of you and your friends! It’s gonna be fun!

to win the tickets, simply leave a comment under this post/email me and tell me what’s your favourite F3 brand! (topshop / topman / dorothy perkins / miss selfridge / ben sherman)

please include your name, email address, and contact number.

please send in your “entries”/comments to me by friday 8pm, after which i’ll randomly pick who gets to attend the event with a friend! :)

email me at jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com 

♥ ♥ ♥

I would appreciate everyone’s help with this, it’s for the Fashion Fast Forward Style Scouts finals! :)

Remember the Topshop Breakfast post I did last month? Well, for that, I got into the top 15! this saturday, the final 5 will be selected as style scouts, and I have the chance to be one of them and you can help increase my chances by helping to vote for me, the votes will make up 20% of the final score. Here’s how!

1. ( Click here to go to the Fashion Fast Forward page on FB )

ps : you have to “like” the page first.

2. Go to the “Style Scouts finalist showcase” tab on the left.


3. Scroll down all the way and vote for me please!

If i make it as a style scout i get to cover fashion events, which means REAL fashion updates from the fashion world! Voting ends 9pm on the 14th of May.

Thank you all in advance! ♥ jean

Topshop's Personal Shopper Breakfast Party!

Last saturday i had the privilege of attending the Personal Shopper Breakfast Party at Topshop Knightsbridge! I had to “sacrifice” my friday night out so I would be able to wake up the next morning but it was well worth it! This is gonna be one of my longer posts cos there’s just sooooo much I wanna share with you girls! (bear with me, okay? I promise it’ll be worth the reading time)

Jones came with me cos he wanted to do some shopping himself but he was way hungover from the night before! Not to mention sleep-deprived.

(can’t really tell huh?)

We entered the store to be greeted by the aroma of fresh coffee, pastries, juices and all things savoury! Had a bit of time to go around the store before dedicating full attention to Anny’s insight into the latest trends and new collections.

Anny is a personal shopper who will see to all your fashion needs! Whether you need help picking out an outfit for a special date or need help bringing your entire wardrobe back to life, nothing is impossible for Anny!

Anny first introduced us to four collections, Swedish Summer, Graduation, Snake Valley & New Age Constellation. I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces from each of the four collections based on my own fashion style.. You should see “Jeanine” in these pieces somehow if you know me well enough!

. . .

Swedish Summer has got to be one of my favourites of the four collections. Think lacey details, crochet pieces and a burst of florals that totally scream summer! The collection features pieces in hues of white to rusty browns, mustard and orange. I particularly love how well teal adds a pop of color to a down to earth outfit. The collection is versatile and very easy to wear, you can’t really go wrong with this collection.

. . .

Next up is Snake Valley. This collection screams ethnic, tribal chic in my face. I’ve always been a fan of paisley prints and Snake Valley nails it. (Isn’t the maxi dress just such a darling?) The pieces vary quite abit, from tribal prints to snake prints to paisley prints, some boasting feathers and fringe details. Colors in this collection lean more towards black, browns and shades of orange.

The thing about the Snake Valley collection that I absolutely love is that the pieces are really good for layering. Special guest, Ginette Chittick gave Anny the challenge of dressing up two pieces that she picked out but was clueless about what to match them with…

Anny picked out tops from Snake Valley to put these two looks together. To be honest, Jones and I were joking about culottes being more for people like our mums… But looks like culottes aren’t just for your mum anymore! Who’d have thought culottes could look so effortlessly chic! I’m glad to say I was proven wrong.

I love how she wore the navaho print vest from the Snake Valley Collection under the blazer, gave the outfit a tribal twist, while the boots added edginess to the look. Definitely an outfit I would wear!

The apricot top was layered with a tank on top and the knitted black suede tassel jacket thrown on. With sheer black stocking and black wedged booties, Anny created a “tribal-rock chic” look, complimented with accessories with a tribal feel.

. . .

The third collection is New Age Constellation, which I can’t stop raving about! You’ll see why… a bodycon dress paired with a blazer and heels does it for me most of the time and I love the color of the blazer.

The collection features spring’s stark white and nude hues, but bright and bold colors are added sporadically for a burst of color. These pieces below define the collection for me. Asymmetrical hems and architectural silhouettes.

I did mention I cannot stop raving about this collection, right? Well, reason being that the collection also features pieces that are so versatile! These scallop-edged tops are all the rage right now, wear them alone or throw over a blazer to take the look up a notch. Basically, layer. The pieces are also pretty lightweight so you shouldn’t worry much about our humid weather…

. . .

Finally, Graduation. Think preppy chic. Knee high socks with heels, cute rounded off collars, pleated details and neat lines. Bring out your inner Peter Pan!

If you realise I’ve actually put together a couple of possible outfits from the each collection, but I picked them carefully such that it won’t be “trend-overkill”. The pieces I picked are versatile and can be matched and layered with other staple pieces from a different collection, or just other basics.

Now here’s Ginette with some words of fashion wisdom!

(Totally lusting after Anny’s scallop hem shorts and Ginette’s blazer!)

Don’t make the mistake of wearing a trend cos then, the trend will wear you. Not everyone can pull off a certain look, so trust your fashion gut. Here’s a piece I got last week which I’m totally in love with! Creates a hippie look that goes really well with my 3-week old bangs!

I also stashed these, bringing the morning pocket damage to about $300.

And just in case you girls haven’t caught wind of the news, the Sandstorm Collection has been launched at Knightsbridge!

If this isn’t proof that I had a “fashion awakening” I don’t know what is.. Hope this gives everyone some fashion inspiration this week, now get dolled up and go have some fun with the girls! :)

♥ jean

♥ pugs not drugs

i got this tee from topshop on saturday! cute huh? the moment i saw it i thought of ed cos he’s got, a pug! and then i remembered he had a tee that reads “hugs not drugs” he actually wore that very shirt when we went out on saturday night. haha pouty face!

nicole made some new friends! okay, we all did. we were probably the only two crazy girls in fash who were trying to shuffle. (the rest were guys, obviously) so we probably drew quite abit of unnecessary attention to ourselves (as usual) but we didn’t really care, cos we came to have fun and we’ll have our fun!

i hope ed’s not gonna kill me for posting his dance vid. i should take cover after this… shawn and dave totally killed fash that night! jam session djays ftw!

and here we are at 4 in the morning… (fyi, nicole’s trying to be a pug) oh look we got matching tees!

and then we walked down to lau pa sat for supper cos everyone was hungry…. you can’t get more unhealthy than char kway teow at 5 in the morning… seriously!

i think this would very well explain why i loveeee my friends…

nicole, i love you. even though you dig your nose and do squats at 6am.

can’t wait to see my favourite people again tonight! nicole, jones, mimi, and of course, pouty face! dinner at din tai fung then movie time! i’m especially excited cos the last movie i watched was… mega mind. do you have any idea how long ago that was? i don’t know how i “abstained” from movies for so long..

imma very happy bunny!

gooooooodnight now! ♥ jean


gosh i feel so stupid today.

i sent kino an enquiry like 3 days ago asking if they carry the CHER 2010 diary. and they usually reply my enquiries within a day but i didn’t hear from them for 3 days so i went ahead and bought the only one i found on ebay japan. S$35.

this is what the diary looks like!

Picture 15

i love it cos it has like the day scheduler with time stamps… it’s easier for me to organise my daily schedules…

and then earlier today my jaw dropped when i saw an email from kino saying that they have reserved the diary for me at taka. and it costs S$28.70.

for a whole minute i was like… WHATTTTTTTT?

i mean yea, technically it’s the same price but add shipping. sigh. now i feel like an idiot… just sent the seller on ebay a message asking if i can buy something else from her instead otherwise i’ll be stuck with two diaries. i know i can just cancel the one at kino, but i can go pick it up within 3 days… why not right? plus it’s cheaper too… and i was eyeing something else in the seller’s shop.


it was something i wanted from topshop but didn’t buy in the end cos ben was nagging at me. lol….

oh well… now i’m waiting to see if the seller is agreeable to let me swap items and top up the difference… *fingers crossed*


♥ quilted bags!

looks like quilted bags are here to say…

this one is off TOPSHOP’s website!Picture 18

need a quilted bag fix? wait for this one…


i know it looks a little grayish here, but it’s actually a very pretty baby blue!

it should be available for sale by the end of this week… so i’ll update you girls again then! :)

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