Ring around the rosie, a pocketful of posies

I really love how Constance totally rawked the mustard rose necklace ($22), as seen on The Closet Lover. 

These roses are hand sewn and strung on satin ribbon. Other colors available upon request, fabric versions also available in store.

While my macbook was “dead”,  I managed to complete a couple of new Perpetual Spring pieces! Here are some sneaks!

A neutral bouquet $39
A bouquet of hand sewn nude florals for the simple girl, topped with faux pearls. The neutral, down to earth tones makes this a complimentary piece to a wide range of outfits. This piece sold but remakes are available.

Madison dusty spring bouquet $49 (free local shipping by regular mail)
A trio of dusty hues in cream, pink & purple, backed with fresh greens. Each petal is handcut, folded, and sewn.

Coralista $29
A trio of hand sewn coral roses strung on a crocheted string. Each rose measures approximately 4.5cm

> > > shop now < < <

I’ll be uploading these and more to the store over the weekend, have a great F1 weekend here in Singapore! :)

summer is here.

i’ve had my eyes on that marc jacobs striped maxi since march, but never got it cos.. until today i still can’t justify spending $500 on a dress with a brand tag. honestly, i’m not that much of a “brand person”, the design is what matters most to me, and since my dear girls at the closet lover (which i used to model for) brought in an inspired piece at a fraction of the price, i decided to add it to my wardrobe for summer! :)

i don’t think i had anything this bright & cheery in my wardrobe, until now that is. it goes really well with the cropped denim jacket i bought from topshop recently, can’t wait to have some summer fun! :)

my bangs have grown out now, don’t think i’ll be wearing bangs for summer, so it’s back to the old me! xoxo

saturday ♥

i fell asleep after managing to blog a post last night. i just closed my eyes for abit and the next thing i knew it was 6 in the morning… unread text messages, fb chats, i barely managed to sleep my lappie before i crashed again.

and then i woke to a chain of whatsapp messages and then, a phone call. clara was nearby and wanted to swim sooooo, i dragged myself out of bed, had lunch and we spent the whole afternoon by the pool and in it a quarter of the time.

time to get a little summer color on my skin…

oh well, as usual, i get hungry after swimming so we decided to whip up some yummies… and i ended up teaching clara how to make scrambled eggs. it’s really easy! if you’re not convinced, watch this! :)

ps : the only thing she could cook before this was maggie mee. that’s one item to add to the “what i can cook” list babe!

seeeee! the eggs turned out fab! anyone can make scrambled eggs! and clara said it tastes better than mcdonalds! yummmmmmmm :)

was contemplating heading out to soul cos so many of my friends will be there, but i’m feeling so bummed from all that chlorine and sun. i think i’m gonna chill out at home and turn in early tonight… i’m checking out h&m’s online store & it’s making me really anxious. i can’t wait for the store to open here in singapore, like FINALLY! how have we been surviving without h&m? i actually have a couple of items in my shopping cart (don’t ask me why, it’s not like they ship internationally… they don’t, right?) who wants to be nice and get me some h&m? *chuckles

i also can’t wait to get my hands on these two items i ordered from the closet lover! i’ve had my eyes on that marc jacobs-inspired dress for the longest time! those of you who have been reading my blog would know that i used to model for them, and i must say, the stuff they’re bringing in just gets better & better! well done girls! :)

okay, mummy’s calling for durian time! after which i’m gonna go dig through my wardrobe & look for outfit inspirations for next week.. that is if, i can stop shopping online for shoes at xquisis. i’ve been wearing my miu miu inspired crystal heels a lot and everyone loves them! (see sidebar for blog promo!)

happy sunday in advance! muaaaaaaaa ♥

after a whole day of DI…


Picture 15

the whole day, my screen looked something like this…

but i finally picked a couple of favourites… we definitely up-ed the attitude in this shoot!

but before i proceed, please note :

1. all the clothes you see will be available for sale on THE CLOSET LOVER. (unless otherwise stated)

2. i don’t own TCL, i’m just the model! :D


i am so so in love with this shot!

i don’t know, there’s just something about it that i can’t quite figure out….

_MG_2291 _MG_2344

we tried some crazy hair-dos!

the gaga bow and well, the other one ben calls it Mulan. >_<

_MG_2391 _MG_2377

now, who says you can’t wear a blazer with shorts?

ps : the blazer is for sale, i will post details soon. this one is not from TCL.


this one i like too…

used the cream flower hair clip as a brooch! will be up for sale soon!


haha this one is totally rockin’ my socks!

i used the zipper rose headband as a wrist accessory, can’t quite call it a bracelet can i?

okay, that’s quite enough sneaks for now. i have to go back to being busy…


my favourite shots from collection 21


ben said…

“act angel…”

on a side note, i don’t know why wordpress “greys” my photos when it’s actually on the blog. does anyone know why? i mean, it looks fine when i’m blogging but when i see it on the actual blog it looks so dull!

_MG_1502 _MG_1406

how many outfits did you think i was gonna put up? haha! that’s all the sneaks for now… wait for the launch hunsss…

i need to get back to work now, got so much to do cos i promised to have the hair accessories page done. distractions aplenty!


4th of August Happenings

hello people!

tell me it isn’t thursday already. i barely got anything done this week and it’s thursday??? big big sigh! anyway, some sneaks from tuesday’s photoshoot.


okay, just TWO.

and then we had dinner at AJISEN RAMEN! possibly one of my new “go-tos” for a tom yam fix since ben won’t let me have my thai express. for the record, i don’t really take spicy food, but i’m a tom yam nut. really. i get a certain high from spiciness. hahaha. the one at Ajisen isn’t really spicy, the soup is rich yet still has that tangy tom yam taste!




and this one was beef ramen.


ben with his california makis. hey it’s quite a good deal i reckon… (he sure likes his obsession tee from FOE!)

for $14.80 you get a bowl of ramen, a drink, and a side dish… plus UOB cards get 10% off the total bill!

and after dinner… which was at bishan btw, we went back to thomson plaza for a meeting with the 1 or 8 boys. and if you haven’t already been introduced…


this is Yama, aka THE MONKEY KING


and this is George! (not of the jungle. just George)

intenseeeee event planning in progress so please do not disturb! nah just kidding. stick around for more juicy event details… back to work!


sneaks while i wait…

_MG_1009 _MG_1006

(i didn’t think i’d like how i look in blue…i love this!)

♥ sneaks from the closet lover’s collection 20 ♥

photography by Neng : Intrigue Visuals

_MG_1166 _MG_1190

florals here, florals there… there’s gonna be florals everywhere! :)

_MG_1208 _MG_1236

well it’s 315 am, and i’m waiting for ben’s flight to land.. it’s scheduled to land at 434 am, and i’m supposed to be asleep now!

but i have photos to edit anyway right? and i can’t help it. the new dresses are way pretty! but you girls have to wait till they launch the collection next week… so i’m being nice and i’m sneaking a few outfits!

be sure to visit their blog and join the mailing list so you won’t miss out on anything! what i’ve shown you is just a fraction of the collection!

click here to visit THE CLOSET LOVER

ps : gonna take a cat nap then wake up to “welcome ben home”!


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