Happy Halloween!

It was a crazy night with everyone all dressed up! I painted fake blood on a couple of faces… Fun times. :D


Ciccy the chinadoll, me the dead bride and Hilton, supposedly my dead groom for the night.

Ben as Bob Marley? Hahahaha this was really funny. There were tons of dead brides, just not in long flowy red dresses… Tramaine got some crazy face paint going on…


Guys as girls. Stefan as Miss Piggy! Oink oink.



zoo rave!

warning : (relatively) high photo content!

this was like two weeks ago when butter turned 5. buttttt! better late than never, right? :P it was animals galore! mimi was a kitty cat, i was a panda, ed was a monkey, and jones was a runaway bunny that got drunk at some bar and never quite made it to the animalistic dance floor. sigh!

i would love to have that tiger in my room to scare away all the creepies.. have you noticed the skirt yet? that’s the one i stamped myself! turned out pretty cool huh? teehee! ed made carrot cupcakes and they were yummmmmmmmayyyy! oh philly cream cheese how i love you.

 we came up with a new “animal breed”, BUNKEY. bunny + monkey. which reminds me, i still haven’t gotten my bunny ears back from jones! :(

the papa pandas, bobby, ritz and me!  i love their furrrrrrry tummies!

nicole came later… she was a zoo keeper! i don’t know what Q was tho… hahaha! my panda head got stolen from my head half the night… *pouts


can you spot the funny in the photo top left? for some odd reason we were doing the exact same thing! talk about weird!

new addition to my friend’s list! that’s jervis in black. he suddenly said to me, “you know my sister! she was your classmate!” yes, the world is small, and i can only imagine how much smaller it can get. like how i can run into 3 exes in one night in the same place… (and no, it’s not cos i’ve dated too many guys!)

okay i think that’s quite enough photos for now. i am going to bed! (yes, i actually made the painful decision and stayed in tonight to catch up with my backlog of work… work tops partying in terms of priorities!) gooooodnight!

♥ jean

the weekend ♥

i don’t quite remember why i ended up staying home on friday but i did… so, my weekend only really begun on saturday. was supposed to meet jones for dinner at like 8 but i only got there at like… 9? hahahah don’t ask!

we had dinner at watami at raffles city, that’s the first time at watami for us both. welllllllllll… the “starters” were promising, the tuna sashimi was yummy…

but when it came to the ramen… i looked at it and the first thing i said was “what egg is this!” on the whole it didn’t taste that bad, it was actually okay, but the egg really spoiled it. for one, it was a hard boiled egg, to make things worse it was an OVERBOILED hardboiled egg. seriously watami, why? i expected better…  :(

that said, does anyone know of any good ramen places? i am in serious need of a ramen redemption.

anyhooooos, after that we scooted off to butter, but not before popping into Overeasy for a strawberry milkshake. can’t figure out why mimi likes it so much tho, i think the strawberry milkshake i get from the bubble tea shop makes me happier. and for the price of a milkshake at OE, i could get 5 from the bubble tea shop! never again…

we wanted to go to butter to check out the changes and new additions! everyone was telling me so much about it i just had to go see for myself! bump vip is sooo much bigger now, i’d say it’s almost double what it was before which is awesome… there’s a mini bus in fash that houses tables and sofas! (seriously how cool is that?) they’ve also pimped up the room with a podium and a stripper pole. not meant for stripping tho, i just had to use that term :P

i loveee this photo that jones took of mimi and i. (and no i don’t have a holga/lomo, i used photo effects on these) for once my bangs look… nice? it really has a mind of it’s own and splits when it feels like it without me realising.

Q is jealous cos he didn’t get kissiessssss!

this is probably what your vision will be like if you’re drunk. haha these photo effects are highly addictive! (holga art)

once you start you can’t stop… i did a lomo effect on this photo of ed and i. his friends are saying he looks old, and he’s blaming my lousy photo editting. haha (and i thought i had tiny eyes…) my friend jeremy said my bangs make me look like a hippie. is hippie good or bad? :/

( thanks ritz for the photo! )

after hours of walking and jumping and trying to shuffle in heels, i surrendered. i’m not wearing any heels or covered shoes even until friday, at least. until now the soles of my feet hurt and my toes/toe nails feel as if they might fall off :(

but sunday was good! i didn’t really spend much time with ed at butter on saturday cos i thought it’d be better to leave him to have fun with his bunch of friends, so i stuck with jones, mimi, hilton, Q, eugene, jeremy and a couple of others. i think i went crazy at 3 in the morning. but then again, not like clubs are conducive for spending time anyways, right?

okay back to sunday, i thought it was gonna be same old… sleep in, hopefully wake up without a hangover, have lunch, bum around, go to church… well, not until i suddenly had plans! went down to town after mass to meet ed for dinns.. and apparently they already bought tickets to catch Sanctum!

it was a pretty good show, somehow ed managed to predict almost everything that was gonna happen.. told him he should go write movie scripts! i won’t spoil the storyline for those of you intending to catch it, just know that it can get a little bit disturbing at some points so if DEATHS don’t sit well with you, you might want to consider catching a flick like Rango, Hop or Morning Glory instead..

and that, was my weekend in a blog post. i don’t think i can blog anymore today after spending hours on the topshop post below. yes i spent hours on it, so i hope you girls find it insightful, please feel free to comment! i love hearing from all of you :)

♥ jean


♥ pugs not drugs

i got this tee from topshop on saturday! cute huh? the moment i saw it i thought of ed cos he’s got, a pug! and then i remembered he had a tee that reads “hugs not drugs” he actually wore that very shirt when we went out on saturday night. haha pouty face!

nicole made some new friends! okay, we all did. we were probably the only two crazy girls in fash who were trying to shuffle. (the rest were guys, obviously) so we probably drew quite abit of unnecessary attention to ourselves (as usual) but we didn’t really care, cos we came to have fun and we’ll have our fun!

i hope ed’s not gonna kill me for posting his dance vid. i should take cover after this… shawn and dave totally killed fash that night! jam session djays ftw!

and here we are at 4 in the morning… (fyi, nicole’s trying to be a pug) oh look we got matching tees!

and then we walked down to lau pa sat for supper cos everyone was hungry…. you can’t get more unhealthy than char kway teow at 5 in the morning… seriously!

i think this would very well explain why i loveeee my friends…

nicole, i love you. even though you dig your nose and do squats at 6am.

can’t wait to see my favourite people again tonight! nicole, jones, mimi, and of course, pouty face! dinner at din tai fung then movie time! i’m especially excited cos the last movie i watched was… mega mind. do you have any idea how long ago that was? i don’t know how i “abstained” from movies for so long..

imma very happy bunny!

gooooooodnight now! ♥ jean

friday funnies!

a friend shared this with me on facebook yesterday and i’ve been watching it over and over cos it’s just way too funny! this guy is hilarious!

if anyone says anything about the rebecca black song to me again, i swear i will keeeeel you! stop it with rebecca black already! that song is beyond annoying really, please spare my friday… speaking of which,

tgif babies!

hope everyone’s got their weekend all planned out, but if you haven’t, and are looking to make some saturday party plans with friends, here’s what you shouldn’t miss!

no sheath and holster @ home club

( view this event on facebook )

class action @ the butter factory

featuring the jam session djs,

dave does & shawn livewire

( view this event on facebook )

have fun ya’ll! ♥ jean


this would be my second time in JUICE! such a happy bunny! the first time was for Cirque Berserk  during Halloween last year. this time it’s for Fash Mob which I did in January, also at The Butter Factory. which I still have yet to blog about! I’m terrible I know… but i’ll try to do it soon-ish. promise!

…can you find me in these photos? i’m in two shots!

thanks to all my friends who came down to lend their support. so much loveeeeee i get from them. thanks vincent for all the great shots that night. there are photos on stomp.sg too! always good to see my hard work pay off. 2011 seems to be pretty promising!

anyhoos, it’s 330 in the morning and i’m still updating the site (particularly the rings page). i might fall asleep on the job so… goodnighttttt!

♥ jean

My First Ever Halloween (2010)

This is like wayyyyy overdue. I was surfing STOMP, waiting for Fash Mob pics to go live and started back-tracking albums and found a photo of Paul and myself from Halloween 2010!


…By the end of the night everyone was calling me shuttlecock girl, badminton lady, mickey (cos of my leggings). The name really stuck so I used it for saturday’s mob. You might have already seen photos of me in JUICE & Rhythm tho.

Last year was the first time I actually did anything on Halloween. And of course, where else could I have gone to but Butter. Afterall, Bobby & Ritz are known for throwing crazy parties, even more so for Halloween!

I had tons of fun that night, albeit getting poked by the shuttlecocks and making very inconvenient bathroom visits. Guess I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Ben was supposed to be the human spaghetti but no one knows where his costume went. I wonder if it even existed. Both he and Dave ended up as well, clowns. The face paints were mad crazy that night! (I had fake lashes on for the first time in my life, and removing them later really hurt!)

That’s Paul below. He always “bullies” me when he sees me even tho I’m older. Thank god the shuttlecocks served as a little deterrent that night… And that’s Vanessa with the keyring I made her for her birthday! :)

The night ended with supper with the guys from ACTYOAGE. Ming gave me those bunny ears but I have no idea where I put them since….

Well, that’s my first ever halloween for you. Way overdue but I hope it brought some amusement nonetheless. I’m waiting for more photos from Fash Mob before I blog about it… And I have loads of exciting stuff lined up for you girls this year! =) ♥ jean

FASH MOB @ The Butter Factory

This saturday night, I’m invading Fash!

Think Poker Party with a hint of Alice in Wonderland. Come early to snag the crazy accessories which you will get to keep, FOR FREE!

I still have slots left on the guest list for this so if you wanna come party (and skip the crazy butter weekend queues), drop me an email at jeaninegabrielle@gmail.com, subject : FASH MOB GUESTLIST by Friday 10pm.

Guestlist availability will be on a first RSVP basis.

Seeeeee you party animals! ♥ jean

Merry Christmas Lovesss!

I know! I’m late! But Merry Christmas ya’ll! After all, there are 12 days of Christmas right? =)

Hope everyone’s been good and having fun! I’ve been pretty busy, which explains why I haven’t updated the blog in the longest time.. Is everyone getting nice pressies? I got myself tons of presents this year… here’s just a couple :/

I got myself a new wallet to replace my Juicy Couture wallet. This is my first Kate Spade and I love it! I got myself a new “cup” too. It’s really pretty, and my sister wants it too. And I love my new polka dot pink lap desk! It comes in really useful when I’m feeling lazy and want to work in bed… In fact, it pretty much glues me to bed…

I’ve got really exciting news!

For those of you who frequent The Butter Factory, you would have heard of a night called Fash Mob. Well guess what? Come January 15th, I’ll be Fash Mob-ing! It’s gonna be a poker party with a hint of Alice In Wonderland… More details to come in the days/weeks ahead. I have 2 weeks to prepare for it, and I’m really psyched! =)

Till I manage to squeeze in my next update, have fun everyone! A new year is right around the bend!

♥ jean

The Party Don't Stop!

to be honest, i can’t remember the last time i posted party photos since… June? fact is i have been partying, alot. somehow my enthusiasm for photos died, so did a bit of the excitement of blogging. i guess it happens when part of you dies…

meet my relatively new friend, Paul. I call him Meanie Paulie cos he’s mean to me sometimes. i think he speaks more singlish than i do… He’s a photographer and he DJs too!

see that pink guy? that’s Sherm. I always tell him I’m hungry… and he drives me around quite abit especially when we party. then that’s me, obviously. and Tyara who is also with 1 or 8 and lastly, Eve. She’s got lots of pretty tattoos that I would never dare get… don’t think I could deal with the pain and then getting thrown out of the house.

these are chefs from MBS. it was Cory’s birthday so we were all at Butter. I’ve known Cory since I was working in Ritz… that would be like… 4 years ago? Cory’s the one with the “V”

this is Dave! Davedoesdeejay. He spins Fash Fridays…

Anyways, believe it or not I lost $400 from my wallet that night. So some bastard is $400 richer. Yes my money got stolen from my wallet at Butter and I didn’t even realise it until the next day. Not cool…

Karma will get you some day. Good luck asshole!

anyway hope everyone’s doing okay with the haze… one thing for sure, it’s really killing me. i’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose all day non stop it’s getting really annoying now. pffft…

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