When I see your face, it’s like sunlight dripping.

Bag Raider’s “Shooting Stars” has always been one of my favourites since I first heard it. Although most of their other songs don’t really give me the same “kick” as Shooting Stars does, “Sunlight” is really fast growing on me. Here’s a page from my “little brown book of thoughts in ink”.

Hold tight at midnight. Am I dreaming or are you beaming out? Are you beaming out? Like light, Snow White, red fluorescence, iridescence now. Are you beaming out?

Don’t you know that when I see your face,
It’s like sunlight dripping.

I ♥ the MV for this. The chimp is really adorable! This is gonna be my feel good song for quite a while I reckon.

Hope everyone is having a great start to 2011. I’m still trying to get organised and switched back to work mode. My mind is still stuck somewhere in 2010, which reminds me, something really really queer happened on NYE. I’ll leave that for later tho… Hope ya’ll will enjoy the song as much as I do. I’ve had it on loop most of the day…

♥ jean

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