The Perpetual Spring Collection Revival!

I had initially planned to launch these updated and new pieces last week, but if you’re following my Instagram, I got totally derailed by the TraceTogether token! I started making cosies and simply could not stop, until now. I told myself I will not touch another ball of yarn until I get this done!

So I did! And decided to have some fun with it while I was at it! I found some old photos of the previous versions so I decided to do a before and after with 2 of them.

But first, Tulle Princess!

This is a Perpetual Spring Luxe piece, complete with a girly touch of tulle! Which girl doesn’t fancy a dreamy floral piece?

Tulle Princess in Nude Beige (SGD$42) is a neutral and versatile piece which can be dressed up or dressed down, okay it might just be on the dressier side but still great with casuals! This is a tweaked version of the one I posted in my previous post.

Ivory Rose!

This was “Pretty as a bride” first, before it became Roxy Rose. I decided to name it Ivory Rose (SGD$39) as it sounds more simple and well, who was Roxy?

The current version of Ivory Rose.

The Roxy Rose then —–>>> Ivory Rose now.
Tulle Princess in Nude & Ivory Rose
A really old photo I found of Sherlyn wearing The Roxy Rose!

Black & Blue

Last but not least, Black & Blue! (SGD$39) Okay I didn’t change the name for this one because, you really can’t deviate far anyway.

Black & Blue then and now.

I have lost count of how many versions this piece has gone through! There was also a felt version of this. And now I’ve brought it back and “updated” it again! Unlike the previous version which had a raw edge blue flower, this version consists of 3 handsewn fabric rosettes and 2 singed fabric flowers, one black and one blue. 

Which version do you like better?

Shop these florals and more here!

If you’ve been following The Perpetual Spring Collection all these years, you would have noticed that I lowered the prices of the pieces (Ivory Rose & Black & Blue included) and I thought I would share with you why I decided to do so…

When I “rebranded” to “Le Petit Cadeau”, we were pretty much in a terrible state no thanks to Covid19. With most people taking pay cuts, losing their jobs and struggling to hang on to their sanity, I wanted to make my pieces more affordable to everyone. After all, being in a pandemic situation doesn’t mean we should stop dressing well and wearing things that make us feel good about ourselves, right? The process of making them really makes me happy and getting messages from you when you have received your orders makes me even happier! I want to spread that love and joy as far as I can.

Remember, you don’t need to dress up for anyone but yourself, and we all know wearing floral pieces kinda makes you that much happier for some reason. :)
I’ll leave you with my latest stop motion animation short video!

Also, if you’re interested to get a TraceTogether token buddy for yourself, you can check them out here!

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Return of The Favourites! The New Black & Blue + The Girl Next Door V5.1

13th February update:

Thank you for the overwhelming response for Black & Blue v3, Batch 3 remakes are now available!

25th January update :
All remakes from batch 1 have been completed and mailed out. Emails have been sent out to those who were on the wait list. Refer to items below for available remake slots!
17the January update:
All currently available remake slots have been filled and invoices have been sent out. Do check back for availability of the next batch of remakes.

If you have not received an invoice, you will be put on the waiting list for the next lot of remakes.

Thank you! :)


Hi all! I hope the new year has been nothing but great for you so far. Many of you have asked for remakes of the previously sold out version of Black & Blue as well as more pastel pieces, and I heard you! To kick off 2014, here’s the new version of Black & Blue as well as a slightly tweaked version of The Girl Next Door V5!


I’ll be releasing remake slots in “batches” to ensure there’s enough fabric to go around, and also to keep waiting time after payment is made to a minimum. If the orders exceed the currently available slots, you will automatically be put on the waiting list for the next batch unless the piece sells out.

Happy Shopping! :)


Due to the limited availability of items, orders will be processed on a first comment basis. Some of you have commented before on earlier launches so your comments may show up immediately, this does not mean that your order is confirmed as there may be comments pending moderation before yours. Please be patient, you need not comment again if your comment does not show up immediately, especially if it is your first time joining us for a launch. Do refer to the list of things to note at the end of this post for full details. :)

( Shot outdoors in natural light )


The Girl Next Door V5.1 $45

1 piece in-stock, 5 remake slots to be filled (Batch One)

5 remake slots to be filled (Batch Two)

The Girl Next Door V5 was a little more U-shaped, I’ve tweaked this to get a little closer to the original Girl Next Door Necklaces. You can also see more of the larger purple rose compared to the previous version. Can you spot what else is different in this version? (The “leaves”!)


Black & Blue V3 $45

1 piece in-stock, 5 remake slots to be filled (Batch One)

10 remake slots to be filled (Batch Two)

Further remake slots will be confirmed by mid-February if available. Thank you for the overwhelming response for this piece!
Batch Three open!

A favourite for a long time, Black & Blue is finally back! It’s a versatile piece that compliments more colors than you would think. Add a floral touch to that little black dress on a workday, or pair it with that flirty white lace number for a weekend date! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it can dress up a simple top paired with shorts, skirts, leggings or jeans!


Things to note :

  • Orders will be processed on a first comment basis, all comments will be moderated.
  • Invoices for INSTOCKS will be sent out within 24 hours if your order is confirmed.
  • Please note that invoices will be sent out on a FIRST COMMENT BASIS, if payment is not made within the stated period, the slot will go to the next interested person.


  •  Prices listed do not include shipping costs. Items priced at $45 and above ship for free within Singapore by normal mail, AM mail/registered mail would be an additional charge of $2.80.
  • For orders below $45, the standard shipping costs apply. $2 for normal mail and $4 for registered mail.
  • Colors may reflect differently due to different screen settings, do allow for slight color variations. The pieces almost always look better in real life. :)

To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed item :

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB

Covet – Launched!

Does this look somewhat familiar? Something from 2012, perhaps? Well, you’re right! Due to the overwhelming response for this piece on Instagram, only orders placed here will be taken in.


This is 2013’s Covet. A variation of last year’s two piece exclusive zipper versions. This time I’ve given it a softer look, making it more suitable for everyday wear.


How to order?

Please leave a comment with your name, item you wish to purchase, preferred shipping method and most importantly, don’t forget to fill in the email field! Please be assured that your email address will not be published. Comments will be moderated and invoices will by sent out by tomorrow.

Covet is priced at $29, unless otherwise stated. This excludes shipping costs. $2 for regular mail, $4 for registered. (Prices all in SGD)



1. Covet in black/white $29 – 3 pieces ready to ship, no remakes.


2. Covet in black/white (AS-IS) $24 – ready to ship

Oops! This piece has been subjected to a little “rope burn”. Because it’s black, it’s not very noticable unless under close inspection. If you’re not too fussy, snag this AS-IS piece for $24.

<<< —— >>>

Need something to please the elder folk this coming Lunar New Year? This one definitely looks auspicious enough! They might just spare you the nagging about that black dress!


3. Covet in gold/red $29 – one piece ready to ship.

Notice how this piece hangs slightly differently? You can also request for this color combination to be done the same way as the above shown black version, please indicate accordingly when ordering. Only limited to 4 remakes!

Good luck and have a fab week ahead! xx

What’s the deal with “The Girl Next Door”?

Over the past few weeks, my Instagram feed has gone crazy becos of one thing, The Girl Next Door. So….. What exactly is the deal with this girl next door? Who is she?

Well, it’s not exactly a girl but it is what I named one of my designs. The Girl Next Door. The Girl Next Door isn’t someone who is obsessed with shiny rocks, but instead down to earth and accessible, although at times charming to the point of being slightly intimidating to others… (According to Wikipedia)

It started with this, the very first piece. I never imagined I’d be making subsequent versions of it but as it turns out, I’m currently at version 4.

What I called, “the very pink version”. This was snapped up quick that I totally forgot to take a proper photo of it myself. So I “stole” this photo off Instagram from one of my customers who found a really cute way to display her necklace. According to her, “necklace in the day, decor by night”, thanks for this amazing photo Si Min! :)

When I exhausted all my pink fabric, I decided to cut up a whole piece of stripey fabric I bought awhile back, and created version 3! I didn’t have much fabric to go around for this color combination since there were only that many lines of pink from the entire piece of fabric.

And what did I do with the rest of the fabric? The blue and off white stripes went into version 4!

This is currently the only version still available for purchase by remake, the slots are filling up fast tho, you might want to pop into the store to try to secure a remake slot!

I hope to be able to restock some of the fabric I have run out of to make remakes available for the previous sold out versions, but! No promises just yet. If that fails, you can be sure to look forward to seeing many more versions of The Girl Next Door! :)

Have a fantastic weekend ya’ll! The countdown to 2013 begins.


Still at it…

i’ve been working on more customisations…

i’m in love with this rock ring. i might just put it up on the site for sale… seconds anyone?

and, the rest of Maggie’s order!

i also put together some new earstuds…

the mini cameo ones are going for $8 a pair. these super cuties came in all the way from UK! (very limited stock)

and the silver pyramids are $5 a pair. these are pretty small, they measure 0.7cm. (small enough for school right?)

…and a new necklace!

all petals are individually cut from red felt and sewn together, each has a glass beaded centre. this took me a good couple of hours to put together…

if you’re ready to make a fashion statement, grab the blood pansies necklace for $39.

love, jean

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