I Believe in PINK.

The florals are making a comeback!

If you’re not sure how to accessorise with florals, keep scrolling…

Floral statement pieces don’t have to be kept for special occasions or for days when you are feeling a lil more fancy. In fact, they’re perfect for every day wear and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Ana wears Tulle Princess with a simple white top, jeans and sneakers for a really cute weekend look. Who said florals can only be paired with dresses?

I first made Tulle Princess as a custom order for Ana along the lines of pink and the love for ballet, hence the tulle! (Thanks to the extra length of fabric and tulle I cut off from a rather expensive dress I bought for a wedding last year.)

Here is the remake version in Nude Pink! Same color tulle but paired with a slightly darker shade of pink. I paired in with a basic white crop top and denim jacket, I would wear maybe a long satin skirt in a neutral to pink tone with this and add sneakers to create a casual yet dressy look.

I’m considering doing another version in cream… Should I?

Crochet Blooms has been one of the favourites over the years! Probably cos it is easy to match with most outfits, and it’s a floral piece that isn’t overly “loud” but relatively neutral.

The “original” 6 “petal” version is available in pastel pink.

I also tried a 5 “petal” version in the same color. Which one do you prefer?

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