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Everyone seems to be going for florals these days! The flowers are inspired by my Juicy Couture wallet which I will soon have to replace cos it’s getting kinda… worn out… :(

This one is a gift from Madeline to her friend Eileen who is studying overseas…

Did a simple postcard design on the front with the name “Eileen” embroided on it. The stamp is also customised! Hope Eileen will like this Madeline! :)

It’s Fridayyyyy! What’s everyone up to today? I’m still having second thoughts about heading out cos of the amount of stuff I’m supposed to finish this week… We’ll see how that goes!

Christmas is now under a month away!

Please send in your customisations requests for Christmas in advance to avoid disappointment closer to the date. It’ll also allow me to put more time and ♡ into creating your gifts :)

Last minute shopping isn’t exactly very effective, it’s actually pretty stressful! Give your loved ones something special, let me add a personal touch to your gifts this Christmas :)

Anyways, it’s not 154am, I’m trying to meet my 2am bedtime! Good night ya’ll!

♥ jean

So what if it's Friday?



i found this really awesome site that let’s you upload photos and go crazy with photo effects!

go check it out :

Warning : It’s highly addictive, so only visit the site when you have time to spare. don’t say i didn’t warn you! i will not be responsible for time wasted.

anyway yesterday i had dinner with my good old friend, Alvin… seen here attacking my leaning tower of fries…


and i had a special order of…



minus the greens and with a non sesame seed infested bun! it’s my new found love by the way… before this i was all about cheeseburgers and mcwings..

alvin travels alot, and he recently got back from Washington. see what he got me?


i think the keyring is really pretty! it’s very girly indeed. and the shawl was something else he picked up when he was in New Delhi! i love the color! thanks alvin! :)

i also had to pass him his cousin’s 21st birthday gift…


he got the bottlecap and the vegas chip rings.. and…


the freedom necklace that isn’t on the website yet… i love this piece, there’s just something so subtly peaceful about it… in total contrast with my emo black nails… that’s what ben calls them! i was carving more stamps yesterday…


what do you girls think?

i hand-carve the designs using normal erasers… i’m gonna be using these to stamp on gift tags! i’ll tell you girls more about that soon enough, definitely in time for christmas gift-giving and tagging!

gosh i wish i had more time, but i hate that ben isn’t booking out this weekend. and i just got free passes to go to FOAMO at Zirca later… monday please come soon! but not before i finish answering the massive list of interview questions for PENNY’S DAY BOOK november feature!

i know i said i was gonna put up the new hair accessories yesterday, but i haven’t! can’t remember what distracted me but hopefully, friday. otherwise, over the weekend.

…34 days to POP!


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