The Experimental Salad

So, what exactly went into this experimental salad?

  • Baby butterhead lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Japanese cucumber, skinned & sliced (Zucchini)
  • Porcini mushrooms, lightly cooked in olive oil
  • Smoked duck, sliced
  • Mangoes, diced
  • Home made croutons
  • Plum sauce
  • Ceres Whispers of Summer fruit juice

No recipes, no precise measurements, just purely experimental. It turned out pretty good even though we didn’t manage to find the right kind of plum sauce we had in mind. We made the croutons with baguettes this time and they were really yummy! xx

Yesterday Once More.

A little bird who has paranoia issues. He finds everyone around him suspicious. I haven’t given it a name, so for now I’m calling it Churp Churp. Available for purchase when I launch the “hama hama” collection.

Potato egg salad with chicken cheese sausages & croutons, topped with deviled eggs. Note to self : If you run out of dijon mustard, DO NOT sub with honey mustard.

…It’s yesterday once more

strike 3.

had salad yet again for lunch on sunday.

maybe i should consider going on a salad diet. i put on 3 – 4 kg since the last i weighed myself! i’m 46.6kg now! sigh… at least i’m still a uk 6 tho… otherwise my clothes would probably not fit anymore. #foodforthought

ps : if you’re gonna try making croutons, the salami & parmesan combination is a real winner for me!

lotsa monday love! xoxo


smoked duck salad with potatoes, japanese cucumber, mango, pineapple and homemade croutons.

mummy came home with a whole smoked duck for dinns on saturday and i had a “eureka moment”! this was super easy to put together yet absolutely yummy! i ate double this serving. talk about being a glutton…

at least having a double serving of salad cuts the guilt in half.

salad attack!

meet my first ever potato salad. (:

i saw ed’s sister’s mango, avocado & prawn salad post last night and was craving for a “salad fix” today. don’t have avocado at home & i didn’t want to dig through the freezer for prawns so i settled for a potato, egg and salami alternative instead. (yes jones, i’m enjoying your salami, ALOT!)

it’s a really simple dish to put together but it tasted really good considering it’s my first attempt at a potato salad. mummy doesn’t really make salads other than her “famous” fruit salad. if you wanna try making this, here’s how! :)

  • dice potatoes and boil
  • hard boil an egg then cut into 8 wedges. or you could slice them, it’s up to you really…
  • cut cherry tomatoes in half or leave them whole
  • for homemade croutons, usually i’d fry them in butter in a pan but today i got a tad lazy and just tossed them into the toaster along with the salami cut into small pieces so the bread absorbs some of the flavour (yummmm)
  • when all that is done you just have to throw everything into a deep bowl, add butter, mayonnaise, a tablespoon of olive oil, bacon ranch dressing, sea salt and a dash of cayenne pepper for a kick of spice. i also added small cubes of gruyere cheese cos i love cheese!
  • for presentation purposes you can add the croutons last, which i totally forgot about cos i was so hungry. they’ll also stay crunchy longer that way
  • sprinkle with grated parmesan (optional)

go with your gut when it comes to how much dressing to add, i really don’t stick to measurements when i cook, it’s a taste and see thing for me. and you should really check out rachel’s salad post, i’m sure it’s much healthier than mine! ♥

Mango, Avocado & Prawn Salad Rach: Just a little something to share with you guys :) I’ll just keep this short and sweet as I’m not that good with words. But it’s probably one of the best salads I’ve made and tried so far. Key ingredients that you’ll need: Mango – For that tangy sweetness (to complement the prawns). Avocado – A good healthier substitute for mayonnaise for that creamy goodness. Prawns – Adds some crunch to it… and you won’t feel like a total herbivore. Butt … Read More

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