How Bold Can You Go?

I managed to finish these two pieces earlier… They’re going into the Perpetual Spring Collection on

Everyone’s loving them on Facebook and I’m glad cos I spent pretty much the entire day on them. I’ve seen similar pieces to the nude florals piece selling for over $100! Designer and high end brands, of course.

It’s just past 2am now and I’ve just completed another piece! Photos from my blackberry don’t do the piece justice so I’ll leave that for tomorrow… (or later, rather) Just a hint tho, more ruffly flowers, but in black and…….. pearls of course! I always love the black and pearls combination, always chic, always classy and so easy to match!

I love this new font I downloaded, it’s called Impact Label, I got it off I spent over an hour looking for it cos I forgot what the font was called… It looks so old school like the dymo tapes we used to use. Old school is gold!

I should be adding these to the store tomorrow but if anyone wants to do a quick grab (cos i might not do remakes for these) leave me a comment or email me at

I’m so gonna hit the sack now. Night night ya’ll! =)

♥ jean

SALE! : Burst into Colors!

hey girls!

here are two new midweek apparel additions!

summer splash dress $25 $28 (including regular mail)

i wore this dress to Maybelline’s Power in You party last week and the girls totally loved it!

freesize, best fit for small to medium sizes. belt is not included.

only three pieces in stock

i love plaid! $28 (including regular mail)

plaid is all over town these days, i already have about 3 plaid shirts in my wardrobe but i just can’t get enough with the eye catching color variations! this is a great layering piece. they go great with denims or leggings! one size fits all! :)

please leave a comment to purchase, limited pieces available so don’t wait too long! prices are inclusive of regular mail, if opting for registered mail, please add $2.24.

love, jean


what’s new tuesday?

gosh i must have spent the entire monday updating and adding new goodies, here’s a “summary” of what’s new on!

(clicking on the images will take you directly to the page on which the items are listed so you can start shopping without any hassle!)

1. new zipper rose rings!

Picture 20

if you missed the first lot of them, don’t let these slip by!

2. the clockwork collection is on SALE!

Picture 15

3. lots of new pretty, floral and quirky earstuds!

Picture 16Picture 17Picture 18

and since we’re on the lines of rings and earstuds… here’s the next one!

4. new promotion in store!

enjoy free shipping when you purchase a mix of

5 or more rings, earrings or earstuds!

enter code “ship5forfree” when you place your order!

5. new pearly bracelets!

Picture 19

i just sold out on the chanel half pearls, so in it’s place are these new pretties! very victorian vintage!

details will be added soon! :)

♥ xoxo

she's rockin' and she knows it.

okay random title but these black, white and silver pieces definitely channel a rock chic vibe!

enjoy! :)


left : grey satin rose headband S$12

right : zipper rose headband S$14

(remakes for both will vary in shape)


*exclusive! a hairband for the chanel fan! S$15

white chanel logo is hand drawn and hand cut, and sits on a double layer bow!

(okay, not. just a small bow and a big one)

IMG_7385 IMG_7375

left : coco was her name S$10

a bow on a round of ruffles, topped with a faux pearl. very simple and chic!

right : medieval ruffles S$10

the usual suspects love this one! grab a remake while it lasts! rock it baby!

IMG_7335 IMG_7328

left : nautical ruffles S$10

also available in cream. limited remakes tho!

right : vintage floral studs S$5 – sold out

IMG_7346 IMG_7370

left : trio of pins S$9

wear them together or alone, in a clutter on in a straight line, it’s really up to you!

right : *exclusive! vintage stunner brooch S$15

a vintage button, half flower, a bit of crochet, cream ruffles and topped with faux pearls and glass beads. this will make a white blazer or cardi very vintage pretty!

♥ xoxo ♥

…of ruffles and bows


some new stuff i did today…

more ruffles! with a nautical twist! i have yet to put these on ring bases, but they actually are easier to photograph this way!

that’s not all!

aug09-rufflesblack aug09-cestlaviering

the one on the left is the ruffles ring with a more well, edgy feel. the antique silver “stud” has a medieval shield design on it. channels a subtle “rock chic” vibe if you ask me.

and the one on the right needs no explanation!

C’est La Vie! S$14

…means “That’s life” or “That’s the way things are” in french.

things aren’t always a bed of roses in life, and when it gets you down, just look at your ring and say…”C’est la vie!”

you have to see this one for yourself to understand why i have been staring at it all day… text is hand drawn and cut from plastic, and embedded into a bottlecap! it’s ready to spark a conversation anytime!

i’ll have these up on the web by this week cos i have a shoot later today (Tuesday) so i won’t be home! but as always, if interested, feel free to leave a comment or email me… i trust you girls know what to do :)



Picture 7

can’t get enough of ruffles? the ruffles ring now comes in yellow and cream variations!

the courtney ruffles ring is my favourite summer ring!

Picture 5

please note that all rings are hand-sewn, remakes may vary slightly in shape and size

…an experiment with technology

Picture 4

save the earth! reuse, reduce, recycle!

these two rings definitely fit the “GREEN” bill!

i reckon the boys would fancy this too! make a fashion statement for under $10!

Picture 12

want to see more? click here!

lots of price reductions in store!

love, jean

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