hair raisers!


so i’ve been talking about doing this whole page dedicated to hair accessories… i’m working on it! really! by this week it’ll be done i so so promise… but meanwhile, here are the sneaks! i know i look a tad impish in the photo… i did that on purpose, but you’re supposed to get an idea of how you can wear these pretty things in so many ways! they double up as hair ties too!


this one i like ALOT… aren’t the cream rosettes just absolutely darling?

and then, cos ben was out watch soccer and i was bored… i started playing with the pandas…


(bolster is one of my new pandas from shanghai btw. we call him that cos he’s round just like a bolster!)


oh well… the things you do when you get bored… i’m so hitting the sack soon.


late night funnies


how’s this for huge? but seriously, huge as it is, it really is pretty!

now say “BIG AND BOLD!”


looks like someone’s stuck in quite a rut.

see, the thing is when we bought that blue thing, we started calling it LILO, when he’s actually STITCH. but i still like calling him LILO… it’s just cuter than STITCH? speaking of which, ben finally recorded….’s official mixtape!


now i’m just tweaking the new look abit… but that’s one thing new you’ll see on my website soon. i wonder why he named it the “stitch mix” tho…

well it’s friday night/saturday morning and yes i am at home. ben’s still spinning at Blu Jaz and i somehow decided to stay home and get more designs done. if he’s working i should be working too right? hahahaha!


…another rose


i went fabric shopping last week and got this heavy satin in grey!

i think this one looks very polished…

rosette measures approximately 5.5cm x 6cm and the elastic band is about 8mm thick

$14 a piece!

this one is ready to go, remakes will be available too :)


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