Ring Ring!

need gift ideas for friends?

Michelle got these two rings customised for hers! :)

and here’s a keyring Juvena got customised for Denise :)

my white bows are currently OOS. white & baby pink bows will be restocked by early – mid september. Currently in stock, there are black, hot pink and one yellow bow.

T.G.I.F.! Have a fantastic weekend ahead ya’ll!

love, jean

Still at it…

i’ve been working on more customisations…

i’m in love with this rock ring. i might just put it up on the site for sale… seconds anyone?

and, the rest of Maggie’s order!

i also put together some new earstuds…

the mini cameo ones are going for $8 a pair. these super cuties came in all the way from UK! (very limited stock)

and the silver pyramids are $5 a pair. these are pretty small, they measure 0.7cm. (small enough for school right?)

…and a new necklace!

all petals are individually cut from red felt and sewn together, each has a glass beaded centre. this took me a good couple of hours to put together…

if you’re ready to make a fashion statement, grab the blood pansies necklace for $39.

love, jean

I'm Back! :)

well sorta… and trying very hard to catch up. so, let’s start with some customisations i managed to finish up. sorry for taking longer than usual huns!

a foldover pouch and two iphone cosies to go!

Maggie ordered some keyrings for the girls…

she got rings too but i’m still working on them, will add photos once they’re ready!

and Vivien got two rings and a necklace…

gee i can’t believe it’s friday already… one more video shoot tomorrow… ppfft. hope you all had a less intense week. :S

i’ll upload photos of the lambo and bentley soon enough!

new additions + last grabs!

new vintage style studs just added!

and don’t miss the last pair of coco vintage studs (far right) no restocks!

( click here to view all earstuds )

whether you’re looking for something pretty, quirky, bold, or cute… there’s tons of choices in store!

( click here to view all rings )

have fun shopping everyone! i’ll be back with more new additions soon! :)

love, jean

i'm feeling glittery…

to make some of Yih Fang’s customised rings i had to get glitter, i ended up getting a whole lot of it!

and got a little carried away in the process…. these “glitter-ed” tiles are ready to be customised!

anyone got any bright ideas what should go on the rings? suitable text? single words? a character?

what would YOU like to see on these rings?

if you get hit by a good idea, please feel free to share them! :)

i’ll be waiting…

love, jean

a handful of customisations…

just managed to complete these rings for Yih Fang today!

first time trying out “gold glitter text” it turned out really well!

the purple is darker and more vibrant in real life. camera flash always messes up my colors. :(

familiar? Leonie wanted the bottlecap charm from “Every girl’s dream” bracelet to be a necklace… so… tada!

proudly modelled by Po :)

it actually looks pretty good on him, no? haha! next!

i did this a couple days ago… Eka is getting this for his friend’s 21st birthday. She’s an air stewardess you see, thus the jet setting theme! i sure hope she’ll like this! :)

a slightly “fuller bloom” than the original piece i sold on the website…

couple days ago i got suppppper excitied!

i got an order from Mavis in The Netherlands… and this is her chanel stash!

yupppp, thats what i’ve been up to, which is why you haven’t seen long posts in a while…

but expect to see new designs of vintage earstuds by next week!


So what if it's Friday?



i found this really awesome site that let’s you upload photos and go crazy with photo effects!

go check it out : BeFunky.com

Warning : It’s highly addictive, so only visit the site when you have time to spare. don’t say i didn’t warn you! i will not be responsible for time wasted.

anyway yesterday i had dinner with my good old friend, Alvin… seen here attacking my leaning tower of fries…


and i had a special order of…



minus the greens and with a non sesame seed infested bun! it’s my new found love by the way… before this i was all about cheeseburgers and mcwings..

alvin travels alot, and he recently got back from Washington. see what he got me?


i think the keyring is really pretty! it’s very girly indeed. and the shawl was something else he picked up when he was in New Delhi! i love the color! thanks alvin! :)

i also had to pass him his cousin’s 21st birthday gift…


he got the bottlecap and the vegas chip rings.. and…


the freedom necklace that isn’t on the website yet… i love this piece, there’s just something so subtly peaceful about it… in total contrast with my emo black nails… that’s what ben calls them! i was carving more stamps yesterday…


what do you girls think?

i hand-carve the designs using normal erasers… i’m gonna be using these to stamp on gift tags! i’ll tell you girls more about that soon enough, definitely in time for christmas gift-giving and tagging!

gosh i wish i had more time, but i hate that ben isn’t booking out this weekend. and i just got free passes to go to FOAMO at Zirca later… monday please come soon! but not before i finish answering the massive list of interview questions for PENNY’S DAY BOOK november feature!

i know i said i was gonna put up the new hair accessories yesterday, but i haven’t! can’t remember what distracted me but hopefully, friday. otherwise, over the weekend.

…34 days to POP!



…remember i said our brain really controls everything?

well, i got through the entire week perfectly fine. why?

cos i told myself ben wouldn’t be able to call, not becos he doesn’t want to… but becos he can’t. somehow i manage to block out emotions that way… and then the whole of friday was crazy! why?

cos i knew ben was gonna be back from field camp, but i didn’t know what time so i was really jumpy all day… then it started to get late… and 9-ish would be the normal time he calls… but until like 1130 my phone was still silent! but yea, he called in the end :)

i’m so glad field camp is over… i mean, that’s probably the worst part of BMT right? a whole week apart? i’m just so glad that now we can say…

we’ve done it!

but come to think about it, anticipation can really drive you bonkers.

so, don’t anticipate!

anyways, meet my latest panda addition! :)


isn’t he such a sweetheart?

he’s realllllly tiny! he’s about 1.5cm?  this is officially the tiniest panda i have in my collection now! can’t wait to show ben later :)

speaking of which, i’ll probably be out all day… so here are some sneaks of what’s new cos i got new supplies all the way from the USA earlier in the day!

IMG_1969 IMG_1922

IMG_1944 IMG_1948

i loveeeeeeeee the wedding chapel ring! there’s just something about it that is so so cute. this piece is mine! haha!

ppssssttt : even the paper i use as background is imported from the USA! lol! cos i’ve given up on looking for pretty paper here! those are just a fraction of the new stuff i came up with. i’ve got new bottlecap and scrabble tile rings! and more chanel!

BUT! for now, my eyes are shutting. i really want to wake up and go to pasir ris to see ben but i really doubt i can wake up. if i do… well it just means i’ll be zombified all day. grrrrrr…

oh yeaaa one last thing before i sign off… mummy’s laksa.


i’m not a laksa fan but ben will probably scream when he sees this. i hate the leaves… ppffttt.

goodnight! -xoxo

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