Baileys gets a playhouse!

Last week Robin & I “built” Baileys his first ever playhouse! It took him awhile to warm up to it but now he readily hides in it when the weather outside gets too warm for his liking. I think he’ll have more fun with an even bigger one, so that’s going on the bunny checklist! :)

“……..the making of”

There! Our first bunny playhouse made out of nothing but a box! Next time I’m scrapping the ductape. xx

Boxed up Baileys

Baileys’ latest new toy… a plastic box-like thing… ben’s been complaining about how i’m spoiling Baileys with so many new things all the time… but i have to keep his mind active right?

speaking of which, i finally tried taking him out on a leash, which wasn’t exactly the best idea.

i ended up running after him like a mad hatter. i’m serious. the speed at which he hops is no joke. he runs at high speed, and suddenly stops and i end up like a metre ahead of him when i manage to stop myself… the kids around here were pretty amused tho… adults too. i bet they’ve never seen a rabbit running around on a leash. :P

getting him back in to the house was a dreadful task too. he kept running back out! i ended up with lots of scratches all over my arms trying to catch him… :(

Baileys' Sleepy Sunday

“i’ve spent most of today just lazing around… and that’s my new chew toy! it has a bell inside…”

he does “attack” the wood board and newspaper less but hasn’t stopped entirely. at least i know when he picks up the ball to chew or play with the ringing of the bell… this seems to be one of his favourite sleeping positions… i really don’t understand why he likes to squeeze his head between the cage and the bowl tho. how is that comfortable? lol

he’s sneezing a little less today, and i think his nose isn’t as wet… i hope it totally clears up soon so i don’t have to take him to the vet again… vet visits sure are expensive! >_<

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