Time To Get Cosy!

I’ve been in love with Miu Miu’s S/S 10 Collection for the longest time, and finally had time to create these Miu Miu-inspired pieces!

( click here to get them today! )

Been sewing alot more than usual of late i realise… Got some new foldover pouches to add to the store too! And I’ve got tons of fabric sitting around… Time to start making some new tote bags perhaps?


This one’s Warhol-inspired. With cutesy blue hearts to line the inside.


This floral one will fit your cards, or maybe stash your accessories if you please. Perfect for holding cash and small items in a clutch when you go partying, it’s so slim so it won’t take up any unnecessary space that a proper wallet would.

These foldover pouches should be in store by tomorrow, I’m trying to tidy up the store for a better shopping experience this year end! (Stocking up on charms for customisations too!)

Have a great Sunday everyone! Altho the rain is dampening the weekend quite abit…

♥ jean

Catching Up…

so i’ve been mia-ing quite abit lately… sorry if the orders and emails are going out a little slow… i have my reasons, so bear with me for now, okay?

meanwhile… finally managed to finish some stuff that’s way overdue…

identical passport cosies customised for Wanzhi!

and a remake of the owl foldover pouch for Ying Ying!

sorry this took awhile, but you’ll get your stuff soon! :)

love, jean

lou lou, pretty as a flower


IMG_6177 IMG_6184

lou lou foldover pouch S$34

i just sewed this in the afternoon and i’ve been staring at it ever since… i so want to keep this for myself.

even ben said it’s cute!

this one is superb… there’s 3 layers of fabric, you only see 2 tho cos the floral fabric is thin so i had to back it with white cotton otherwise the purple interior would show through. and the whole thing just feels awesome!

limited remakes for this one cos i’m tight on purple fabric too… get yours before i run out of fabric loves! :)


♥ so posh katie


IMG_5978 IMG_5980

another one to add to my collection of foldover pouches, i just sewed this one today!

don’t ask me about the name tho… it’s really random.

*exclusive : so posh katie S$32

heavy grey satin interior, “buttons” close with a metallic grey scalloped leaf.

measures 20cm x 16 cm when folded over

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