it’s 120am, i should have been asleep by 12am. i’m still awake. why am i still awake? i have to wake up at 6am. i’ve laid out everything. my dress, my new gladiator sandals, my new bag, i’ve even packed my bag. my accessories, and even my underwear. right, you didn’t have to know that. i’m seriously getting pretty nervous. i set two alarms, one at 6am, one at 605am. i’m afraid i might accidentally hit the wrong button. come to think about it, i’m going to set a few more alarms. and for those of you who have absolutely no clue what i’m blabbering about, it’s ben’s POP today. TODAY! IT’S REALLY TODAY! >_<


ps : sorry if i haven’t replied to your emails/facebook messages and what not today. i will do so tomorrow when i get to ben’s place after POP. i promise. my head’s just not working very well right now! (that’s assuming he lets me use the laptop)

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