…Of Bees & Honey

If you’ve noticed the side bar recently, you’d have noticed a HoneySpree logo! So what’s HoneySpree about? HONEY! Of course!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with shopping sprees, right? Well this is the same, but with honey!

Meet my friend Beth, the woman wonder behind HoneySpree. She’s like a Winnie the Pooh, who turned me into a Winnie the Pooh. But I’m not complaining, afterall, we could all use some guilt-free sweets in life, especially if it comes bundled with health benefits! :)

HoneySpree recently held a little party at Preparazzi, where they served up lots of yummy, “honey-infused” nibbles!

My favourite? Definitely the foie gras. :D

And…. honey pancakes! ♥

What better way to enjoy honey than with some gourmet tea? Honeyspree’s Honey(Tea)Sers are organic and caffeine-free, what a clever, quirky name!

I’m currently loving the Citrus Burst Rooibos blend cos I personally loveeeee Rooibos tea. I usually add the Creamy Clover Honey and some fresh lemon juice for that extra punch!  It’s the ultimate refresher! Try it! It perks you up immediately, and it helps when you’re feeling under the weather.

If you’re not a citrus lover, try the Manuka Honey with ginger, or the Cool Mint tea blend. Spicy, smooth, ice cold, there’s definitely something in store to please your taste buds! :)

I’m sure most of you have seen some of my pluggies, right? For the love of honey and bees, I’ve made some baby bee pluggies exclusively for HoneySpree!

These are no cookie cutter bees. Made without the use of molds, each baby bee is handmade with love from scratch! They are tiny, adorable, and they don’t sting, all they want to do is sit atop your phone.

Purchase them exclusively on HoneySpree! Retailing at $9.90 each and available in limited quantities so make sure you grab your little busy bee before they sell out.

I’m very happy to have HoneySpree as a sponsor, and I can’t wait to share more honey-infused recipes and all the different things you can do and make with honey! Meanwhile, why don’t you hop over to HoneySpree and pick up some honey for yourself and your loved ones? Or read my previous post on Honey Pancakes made with the Creamy Clover Honey!

Have a great weekend ahead! xx

What are your dreams made of?

My latest drawing, that of a dreamcatcher.

A dreamcatcher may filter out bad dreams for us, but our mind absorbs everything that it’s fed. The positive, the negative, the in-betweens, everything; unless.. You let only the good thoughts pass. Everyday, we’re surrounded by all sorts of negativity, whether we let it shape who we are is what’s important. People can feed you all sorts of negative energy, BUT it’s your choice whether you let it get to you.

Just like how you are what you eat, you also become what you think about.

On a lighter note, some new pieces that will be added to the store this week. I have handmade these mini dreamcatchers from sratch, down to the hoops. Feathers are hand-cut from cow leather so Muslims, you can rock these too.

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Have an awesome Sunday! ♥