Big Bills!

…that’s what Baileys is chalking up now.

he’s been sneezing since i got him so i thought i’d better take him to the vet to make sure it’s nothing major. thankfully, he hasn’t got the snuffles. phew…

the doctor said it was a nose infection that’s just starting out, so Baileys is now on four types of medications to get all better. it’s supposed to make him drowsy, but i don’t see very much of a difference. he’s still as restless as ever… lol

Baileys’ meds that he has to take for a week. poor Baileys….

i was worried about having to force feed him with medicine, but surprisingly, he takes it very well! the only tricky one is the antibiotic… i don’t think he likes that one very much.. but then again, who does? eeew.

his first trip to the vet cost me over $80!!!

chilling after his visit to the vet….

anyways, i found this online pet store that has tons and tons of stuff. from what i’ve read, they sell for cheaper than other pet stores! i’m looking to get some stuff for Baileys… like a harness so it’s safer to let him loose in the balcony, and a litter box to make changing the bedding easier. (i hope) i’m also getting him some wood chews! right now he’s totally ruining the wooden floor board. oh well…. he’s gonna need grooming brushes too cos he’s got quite a thick coat of fur that is gonna need ALOT of brushing to keep clean…

i was thinking of getting him this tunnel or lounger that’s made of timothy hay, but since he’s not supposed to be feeding on hay yet, i guess that can wait a while longer… should i get him a travel case now? if he gets better in a week he won’t need another trip to the vet anytime soon… but ben is gonna want to play with him sometime… hmmmm…

anyway, if you have a pet and need supplies, check out KOHE PETS for grooming needs, furniture, food and other accessories for your furry companion!

before i forget, i caught him sleeping like some fat cat yesterday!

time to get back to work! byeeeeeee

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